tv-remote_1972811cA warning to those on the spiritual path:  It may lead you away from life-long likes and past-times.  Television shows and books that you used to enjoy no longer appeal to you.  That which tickled your fancy now turns your stomach.  You no longer find delight in shoot-‘em-up scenes or who-dunnit-to-whom.  Instead, you crave to discern “Who am I and how may I serve?”  At first you will feel a bit lost as you ask yourself, “What fun is my life without this entertainment and my friends who still get their thrills in watching others suffer?” until you realize that you are no longer suffering.  It is a transition phase.  Stay with it, and you will settle into a new way of being that to some would seem boring … All that peace.  All that love.  Who needs it?  Ah, yes.  Who needs it? 

And that is why you continue down the path less traveled as it becomes more and more straight.  The way ahead becomes more clear as you let go of that which you once held so dear.