20160210_094321-1_resized (1)How I love to share yet another “wow” moment from the other side: In a reading last week, I connected with the spirit of the mother of my sitter, Jeanmarie. Her mother clearly showed me a necklace which I described. Jeanmarie recognized it immediately, but expressed dismay that she had lost this cherished piece of jewelry. Recognizing a golden opportunity to prove that our loved ones are right here with us and know what is going on in our lives, I asked Mom, “Where is the necklace?” I told Jeanmarie the necklace was in a box in a drawer and that she would find it.

The left-brained human side of me immediately thought, “If it is in a drawer, she would have found it by now.”  Happily, the right-brained side has learned to trust those in spirit and to ignore that pesky left brain.  I honored Jeanmarie’s mother by holding out the fingers of both hands in a circular shape about five inches across to show the size of the box she was showing me from across the veil.

Today I received an email from Jeanmarie with the subject line:  “I found my mother’s crystal pendant!”  She wrote:  I just found it while trying to “casually” look in my dresser drawers for the pendant. It was in the back of the middle drawer in a small terra cotta box. I searched my drawers weeks before I met with you and sadly had not found it then. I’m so happy! My mother bought this heart shaped crystal pendant in Alexanders in NYC when she first started working as a teenager. I’ve been wearing it since I’m a teenager and I wore it on my wedding day almost 20 years ago. Of course when I found it I thanked my mother and now I’m thanking you.”20160219_120136

And I am thanking Spirit for such a clear connection.  If Jeanmarie had no idea where the pendant was, then there is no other explanation for this story than that her mother has survived the transition we call “death” and knows that her daughter was upset about the necklace. This shows she is still loving, watching over, and helping her daughter from the other side.  That, to me, is the miracle of mediumship.

Talk to your loved ones who have passed.  They hear you!