A true story of the afterlife and an incredible young man in spirit with a message for humanity.

“Wolf’s Message is a masterpiece of intrigue. If you have ever wanted to read a book that validates immortality and communication with loved ones who have passed on, then read this book. It is an authentic portal to the other side.”  Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit


When Mike and Beth Pasakarnis received the news that every parent dreads, their world seemed to crumble around them. Spiritual teacher and evidential medium Suzanne Giesemann knew exactly how they felt. Like Mike and Beth’s son, Wolf, her step-daughter Susan had been struck and killed by a bolt of lightning out of the blue. Until meeting Mike and Beth, Suzanne—a former “by-the-book” Navy commander—had cautiously refrained from using the word “proof” when speaking of the eternal existence of the soul.  But no longer. The evidence Mike and Beth shared from their son provided all the proof she needed.

Little did Mike, Beth, or Suzanne know that their lives would soon become even more entangled by unexpected visits from Wolf’s spirit. Had Wolf’s presence offered a one-time glimpse across the veil, they might still be pondering the significance of the mystifying clues he left behind. Instead, as Wolf repeatedly made his presence known, Suzanne was able to piece together Wolf’s puzzle and reveal a startling message that has profound spiritual implications for us all.

Travel along on Suzanne’s incredible journey as she unravels the web of clues Wolf wove to ensure that his uplifting message of hope and joy is understood by all mankind.”

"I have had sessions with Suzanne and I genuinely respect and admire her skills. She will touch you from a God-realized place so pay close attention."

– Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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Wolf’s stepmother, Beth and his father,
Mike Pasakarnis honor Wolf’s memory.