A true story of one boat, four couples, five children in spirit, and their ongoing journey of love.

When you notice the signs, you come to know that loved ones who pass are still very much with us. Watch this moving video of the “Still Right Here” parents.

These inspiring parents serve as shining examples of those who have experienced the devastating loss of a child, but whose joy in life has been restored through the awareness that their children continue to participate actively in their lives.

This book is for you if you . . .

  • Have a child or know someone with a child on the other side.
  • Are struggling with grief for a loved one who has passed.
  • Are seeking evidence of life after death.
  • Enjoy true stories about the triumph of the human soul.

kids-photo.crop_-300x181This powerful true story of a very special voyage provides stunning evidence of how truly thin the veil that separates us from those who have passed can be. Through indisputable accounts of connection with their children and the personal transformations that result, these couples’ stories offer comfort and reassurance to those seeking relief from grief and pain.

You will come to know, as these parents do, that death is no more than a doorway to life beyond, a life that continues to intersect with ours on a daily basis.

Your loved ones are not gone. They’re not lost. They are still right here.

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Enjoy photos of the families featured in Still Right Here.