How Do I Choose Which Mediumship Course To Take?

What is the Difference Between Suzanne’s six online/on-demand mediumship courses? Scroll down for a comparison of each course.

Personal Mediumship Plus teaches how to connect with your own loved ones and guides even if you have no intention of being a medium or ever doing readings. The “Plus” in the title refers to Suzanne’s profoundly clear teaching about the nature of oneness and the soul and why these connections are possible, putting this course in a league of its own as far as its potential for personal transformation and spiritual awakening. Even if you are a practicing medium or a medium in training, you will have one “aha!” moment after another in this highly-acclaimed course.

The foundation for those who want to work as a medium is Suzanne’s course, “Making the Connection”. This course contains the same content as her two-day in-person course called, “Serving Spirit Level 1”. It was professionally filmed in the Serving Spirit classroom with Suzanne, and you feel as if you are part of the class. It is a comprehensive “how to” course in connecting with those on the other side. Not everyone taking the course, however, intends to be a medium. Many students take the course to expand their own awareness and connection to higher consciousness for their own spiritual growth. Several years of comments and reviews confirm that the course is valuable for all levels of experience. Whether you are brand new to this path or have many years of experience, there are valuable new insights and tools for you. Once purchased, you have the 8 hours of videos and access to the workbook for a lifetime and can repeat and review as you wish.

The course offered through Hemi-Sync, “Mediumship with Suzanne Giesemann” is an excellent complement to “Making the Connection” or “Answering the Sacred Call of Mediumship.” Rather than a “nuts and bolts/how-to” course like “Making the Connection,” the Hemi-Sync course enhances and improves your mediumship connections through Suzanne’s focus on reaching different levels of consciousness, deeper meditation, and the assistance of spirit guides. The full course consists of 5 sessions containing 30 videos, 11 audios, and manuals. Appropriate sessions include the Hemi-Sync audio technology. The total course time is 9 hours. You have lifetime access to the course and can download the MP3’s from her Hemi-Sync Mediumship Series, which are included. The course is purchased directly from the Hemi-Sync website (the button on the page will take you there).

“Answering the Sacred Call of Mediumship” was produced with Suzanne by The Shift Network and is based on “Making the Connection”. It contains all of the content of “Making the Connection” plus bonus videos and class downloads. The original class consisted of 7 weeks of 1.5-hour sessions with Suzanne on screen like in a live webinar. It is now available as an on-demand course with unlimited viewing of the lessons. This course is purchased directly from The Shift Network.

“Next Level of Sacred Mediumship” was produced like the one above with Suzanne by The Shift Network. This level two mediumship course contains 15-modules (1.5 hours each) with handouts and bonus materials. It is an advanced course designed to take your mediumship to greater depth with greater clarity. It is available as an on-demand course with unlimited viewing of the lessons. This course is purchased directly from The Shift Network.

Expand Your Innate Mediumship Skills with Soul to Soul Communication is also an on-demand course based on a webinar produced by Suzanne with The Shift Network. You will learn how to access what Suzanne calls “expanded mediumship” (beyond connections with others’ loved ones as in traditional mediumship readings) and connect with your own loved ones, guides, the masters, famous people, and even pets. You will take a deep dive into the metaphysical teachings that explain what makes these soul-to-soul connections possible.

After digesting all of this information, move your awareness to the heart and determine which one FEELS just right for you!

Which Spiritual Development Course should I take first?

There is no particular order for the courses. Each is its own stand-alone course.

Let Your Spirit SOAR is ​focused on finding just the right spiritual tool at any time to remember and rekindle one’s connection with Spirit. It builds upon the foundation of understanding our dual nature as human and spirit.

​Your Emerging Soul focuses more on specific tools for releasing our identification with our story and lessening suffering. It helps us to see with the eyes of the soul and respond to situations from a higher perspective.

The two workshops are stand-alone.

Awakened Living provides essential tools for thriving as a fully conscious, trans-dimensional being. You will come to a greater understanding of consciousness and the nature of reality. You’ll be given tools to release emotional and energetic blocks. All of this brings you an experience of greater peace, joy, and a sense of connection with All That Is.

Shedding Your Skin provides more empowering ways to understand and deal with your fears and transform trials to triumphs. You’ll learn how to live from soul-joy instead of ego-based human conditioning. You’ll hear some knock-your-socks off miracles from the spirit world, showing that lessons come in the most magical ways when we have the eyes to see.

Take a look at each detailed description and you may feel a “nudge” from your guides to start with a specific choice. There is no right or wrong order – choose a place to start and enjoy!

"I don’t think I have ever experienced another spiritual teacher who is so profoundly gifted at teaching AND at the actual skills they are teaching, is moment by moment divinely guided, is so authentic, motivational, heart-centered and transparent, and teaches so many valuable practical tools and deep perspectives with such a high standard of integrity and ethics."

– Y.S., Switzerland