Hemi-Sync offers a series of four recordings by Suzanne Giesemann, “The Mediumship Training Series” as well as a self-paced online course, “Mediumship with Suzanne Giesemann”. All contain modules with the unique sound and brain wave technology of Hemi-Sync. This technology combined with Suzanne Giesemann’s inspired teaching will take you to a whole new level of connection with the spirit realms. Be sure to scroll down to learn more about each of the four recordings and the online course.

"For each of my recordings in this series, I invited my guides in spirit to speak through me, and I recorded the words as they came to me. I attribute the ease with which this process unfolded to the fact that the words came directly from the very realms the exercises train you to access. You are likely to experience this higher vibration as you listen to the words"


The Training Ground


This first CD set in the series is designed to train you to identify your current state of awareness and to shift back and forth into expanded states of consciousness at will. The set includes a total of 4 tracks, each 34 minutes long: Expanded Awareness; Expanded awareness Open Exercise; Deep Meditation; Deep Meditation Open Exercise. The set includes a 19 page guide written by Suzanne which gives you step-by-step tools and includes her divinely inspired BLESS ME method of connecting with spirit.

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Building The Power


The unique experience expands with Suzanne’s second CD in her mediumship series. You will enjoy new music and new guidance with a focus on raising your vibration to sustain the connection with Higher Consciousness. This set includes a 2-track CD that brings you to experience higher aspects of your true self and fortify your energetic field. You will strengthen your connection to the spirit world. This set includes a 19 page guide written by Suzanne to take you through the exercises including the seven aspects of the soul.

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Working With Your Guides


This third offering in Suzanne’s Mediumship series will assist you in connecting and working with your team of Spirit Guides. The set has 3 tracks and a manual. You will identify and clear any beliefs that may get in the way of establishing a clear connection across the veil. The third track is a free-flow meditation to allow you time to spend in communion with your guides for whatever insight and guidance may be needed in the moment.

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Making The Connection


This 4th recording in the Mediumship Series by Suzanne Giesemann takes listeners to unlimited levels of connection in the spirit realms. The recording features two tracks: Track #1 is a guided meditation to help you learn to easily shift your awareness and vibration to meet those in alternate realities exactly where they are. Track #2 is mostly non-verbal, allowing you to have your own experience as the Hemi-Sync® frequencies assist you in reaching an expanded state.

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Mediumship with Suzanne Giesemann

An Online Course

This online course with Hemi-Sync is the perfect complement to Suzanne’s in-person “Serving Spirit” courses and her online, “Making the Connection” course. This course focuses on connections and includes the Hemi-Synch technology to enhance these connections. Students of mediumship will benefit from these modules as an adjunct to their mediumship classes. Here Suzanne begins by teaching you to learn to recognize expanded states of awareness, reaching deep meditative states, then to raise your vibratory frequency, to make contact with your guides, higher beings and All-That-Is, then finally to fine-tune that connection.


This Online Course comes with eleven downloadable MP3s, which contain Hemi-Sync® audio guidance technology, and manuals. If you have previously purchased the Mediumship recordings, please ask Hemi-Sync about special pricing for this course at interstate@hemi-sync.com.

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Audio FAQ

About Suzanne’s CD Sets

  • Why do I hear “sounds” during the free-flow sections, but no music?
    You are hearing the swooshing “pink noise” sound which contains the frequencies and tones of Hemi-Sync. Relax and continue to enjoy your meditation – the technology is working.
  • Do I need special earphones to listen to this recording?
    No, any pair of stereo headphones or speakers will produce the desired Hemi-Sync effect.

FAQ About Downloads

  • What is the difference between an MP3 download and a FLAC download?
    FLAC stands for “Free Lossless Audio Codec”. FLAC files are up to six times larger than an MP3, but they are half the size of a CD, and can have the same boost in audio quality. It is like a “high-def MP3”, however not all players can handle FLAC, so please determine your system’s capabilities before ordering this format.
  • How do I get the guidance manual with a download?
    This manual is in a PDF format and you get a link to download it.