Connecting with Guides and Loved Ones Across the Veil

An On-Demand Online Course for Non-Mediums (And Mediums Who Want to Truly, Finally, Deeply Understand Oneness and Why Connecting Across the Veil is Possible)


Do you want to connect with your own loved ones and guides but you have no intention of being a medium or ever doing readings? This is for you!


“Personal Mediumship” is Suzanne’s term for connecting across the veil for yourself – for your own sense of connection and your own soul’s growth.


Your loved ones who have passed are right here. Learn what it takes to connect with them. Your guides would love to have a closer relationship with you. Learn how!

"Of all the classes I have taken in the past three years from many a medium, this is the first time it all clicks together.”

– S.S.


is perfect for you if …

  • You do not intend to do readings for other people
  • You have a longing to connect with loved ones who have passed
  • You want to establish a closer relationship with your spirit guides
  • You want to have a personal experience of the greater reality
  • You have a strong desire to learn about the spirit world and your true nature
  • You want to develop your intuitive abilities
  • You want a deeper understanding of your True Nature and how you fit into the Greater Reality

How does this course differ from Suzanne’s “Making the Connection”, “Serving Spirit”, and The Shift Network classes?

If you have taken Suzanne’s workshops or courses before, you may think you won’t hear anything she hasn’t taught in the past in this new course. NOT SO!

Her team in spirit has given her incredible NEW material to share in the course.

This course puts the main teachings together in a coherent flow with the goal of making specific soul-to-soul connections with loved ones and guides (vs. doing readings for others).

Because this course focuses on personal connections, we do not focus on the many special dynamics of sitting with others for one-on-one readings or doing group sessions.

"Your ability to explain complex spiritual concepts to left-brain dominant individuals in a relatable and logical manner is astonishing."

– S.P.


As with any of Suzanne’s workshops, the teaching is backed up with inspiring evidence from actual connections with guides and loved ones across the veil and clever analogies to make challenging topics easily comprehensible.


You will immediately practice what you learn through:

  • Guided meditations
  • Practical exercises

You will go beyond theory and learn the tools to have the personal experience of knowing life is eternal and that love never dies. Feel the Power that underlies the teaching that comes straight from the spirit world.

“This course was an answer to my prayers. It tied so many pieces together for me. The philosophy in The Underlying Reality module was an absolute GAME CHANGER and filled in so many puzzle pieces. But I don’t know what blows me away more: the teachings or my personal experiences during the exercises that brought this logical, rational person to her knees, sobbing with overwhelming gratitude and emotion.

– H.C.

Here are some of the TOPICS we’ll cover:

  • Yes, you can connect!
  • How and why the connection is possible
  • The 3 keys to accessing non-physical beings
  • Suzanne’s 7-step method for connecting
  • How to tell you’re not imagining what you perceive
  • How to get guidance anytime, anywhere
  • What is your true nature? (hint: you are not only human!)
  • How the brain acts as a filter & how to overcome it
  • What is the afterlife like & what are our loved ones doing there?
  • The nature of consciousness
  • Where is the spirit world?
  • What is the soul?
  • The spectrum of consciousness/hierarchy of the spirit world
  • Understanding wholeness and the web of life

  • The different ways we perceive spirit connections
  • Signs & synchronicities
  • Where do your thoughts come from?
  • Meditation – the ins, outs, and can’t do withouts
  • A deep dive into brain-wave states
  • How to remain soul-aware while in a human body
  • Being a clear instrument for spirit
  • Channeled writing with your loved ones and guides
  • Clearing blockages
  • Shifting into wholeness
  • Why resonance and coherence are important
  • The Lucid Zone: being conscious, clear, and connected instead of zoned out
  • The importance of conscious breathing
  • Why presence and mindfulness make all the difference
  • How to find peace, joy, and dance with spirit
“This weekend seminar was magnificent, filled with more information and energy than ever. I was exhausted afterwards, but also filled with more enthusiasm and belief in what I can achieve than ever.”

– M.B.

“For the first time, I understand God and Universal Love … and why we are connected and why we can still connect.”

– S.E.

“There was so much more than I expected, and it was just incredible! What a weekend! I’m still coming back to center after the intense energies. I’m just beginning to wrap my mind around all I received but I’ve already begun my journey in a new way this morning with new practices.”

– R.F.


“Personal Mediumship Plus” Online Course


  • Ten+ Hours of Instruction in Nine Video Sessions
  • Self-Paced/On-Demand Access
  • Special Session Taught by Sanaya

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It is my intention that the wisdom, inspiration, tools, and tips in this course reach all who are led to this teaching. If a financial hardship stands in your way of obtaining the course, please explain in a short email to My team in spirit and I determine reduced price scholarships on an individual basis. With love, Suzanne