You may have taken courses that focus on soul growth in the past, but never like this online course! You will find divinely inspired tools and teaching that bring you to a whole new level of awakened living.


See the oneness


Open Your Heart


Attune to higher consciousness


Reclaim your power

"S.O.A.R! is a very comprehensive, powerful course that facilitates getting to know your Spirit self. (Yes, different than our human self!) I have been a seeker most of my life and I was blown away by the high-level content taught in a very easy to grasp way. Suzanne is a wonderful educator and storyteller and the workbook exercises led to many profound insights. I highly recommend this course."

– Ann B.

It’s time to let your spirit S.O.A.R!

You may have taken courses that focused on soul growth in the past, but never like this! Suzanne Giesemann’s unique methods give core spiritual and metaphysical concepts a practical, playful twist, providing even the most experienced spiritual seeker real “Aha!” moments.

Using the S.O.A.R. acronym she connects the dots to illustrate a clear path to greater awakening, sharing techniques for instantly and easily bringing into practice the right ideas and tools you need at any given moment. The result is not just more love and peace in every moment, but total transformation to living The Awakened Way.

“Suzanne is an exceptionally gifted visionary and practitioner. Trust me on this … I know from first-hand experience.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ph.D

Using a Blend of Science and Spirituality We Will Explore:


Your Oneness

  • The“oneness consciousness”.
  • How you are a part of that oneness.
  • Raising your consciousness to new levels of awareness.
  • How to make the connection with higher levels of consciousness.
  • Knowing that you are part of a greater reality.

Your Essence

  • Connecting with Divine love.
  • Uncovering your true essence.
  • Living in alignment with who you really are.
  • Rising above human dramas.
  • Knowing that you never
    walk alone.

Your Power

  • Attaining new heights of intuition and creativity.
  • Awakening each day excited about what lies ahead.
  • Brimming with love, peace, and happiness.
  • Rejoicing in a sense of worthiness.


“Let Your Spirit S.O.A.R!” Course


  • A Transformational Course
  • Complete with 26 LESSONS
  • Direct Online Access to all 26 Video Lessons
  • A 60-page PDF Downloadable Workbook for all 26 Lessons
  • Each Lesson Includes Practical Exercises
  • Each Exercise Allows you to Immediately Integrate the Concepts Discussed

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Current Students


Scholarships with Love

It is my intention that the wisdom, inspiration, tools, and tips in this course reach all who are led to this teaching. If a financial hardship stands in your way of obtaining the course, please explain in a short email to My team in spirit and I determine reduced price scholarships on an individual basis. With love, Suzanne

Some Have Asked: “Which Course Should I Take First?

There is no particular order for the courses. Each is its own stand-alone course. Let You Spirit S.O.A.R! is focused on finding just the right spiritual tool at any time to remember and rekindle one’s connection with Spirit. It builds upon the foundation of understanding our dual nature as human and spirit.

Your Emerging Soul focuses more on specific tools for releasing our identification with our story and lessening suffering. It helps us to see with the eyes of the soul and respond to situations from a higher perspective.

Both courses are very powerful. Ask your spirit guides if you should start with one or the other and you will feel a pull to their answer.