As a verified evidential medium, Suzanne communicates with spirit beings including souls of loved ones, spirit guides, angels, and masters in the spirit realms. She is dedicated to sharing this communication to show that this life is not all there is and all are connected forever.

Suzanne’s Guides in Spirit: Sanaya

system-globeSuzanne’s spirit guides are entities made up of masculine and feminine energy in a higher dimension of consciousness. Some have had lives on earth and others have not. Some have been identified as having specific lifetimes as well known scientists, celebrities, and historical figures. Most remain unnamed. Those in spirit do not need names or labels, however the group asked Suzanne to call them “Sanaya” (pronounced “sah-NIGH-ah”). Suzanne later found that this is a Sanskrit name meaning, “eminent, distinguished, and of the gods.” In Persian Sanaya means “worthy of knowing/knowing all things”, and its Arabic meaning is “flash of light”.

Suzanne’s Guides in Spirit: Sanaya

Learning to Make Connections with Spirit.

When Suzanne is asked how she started to communicate with spirit, she shares that it all began with her decision to start meditating after her stepdaughter, Susan, was killed by a bolt of lightning. Meditation is the KEY. Our spirit guides, deceased loved ones, and angels are around us every day, but we need to quiet our minds to sense them. Sanaya has said that even 5 minutes of sitting in the silence each day will start to open the door. Suzanne has provided several gifts including an e-book on meditation and recordings to help you get started. Whether you are brand new to the idea of meditating or have meditated for years, you will find value in Suzanne’s gifts HERE.

Direct Downloads from Spirit

In addition to the daily messages and channeling sessions, Suzanne gets downloads of information from her team in spirit. These are longer periods of communication that come unannounced, and usually focus on a particular topic. Suzanne shares these downloads in written form or as short video clips. A fascinating download describing what it’s like across the veil was received when noted afterlife researcher, Dr. Kenneth Ring, asked Suzanne if she had such information. This particular download is available in an e-book, “Awakening”, which is given to all who sign up for Suzanne’s mailing list.

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