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Perception of Perfection

2011-09-30T12:18:00-04:00September 30th, 2011|

Just like your concept of beauty, perfection is in the eye and mind of the beholder.  All is a matter of perception.  You as a temporary human being have been taught by other human beings the meaning of perfection.  You set it as a lofty goal.  You hold in your [...]

The Power of Prayer

2011-09-29T12:34:00-04:00September 29th, 2011|

What happens when you pray?  You set in motion a vibration.  Thoughts are aspects of consciousness, and consciousness is the creative force of the universe—that aspect of mind which you share with the One Divine Mind.  Using your consciousness in prayer, you create a link between you and that which [...]


2011-09-28T12:35:00-04:00September 28th, 2011|

Familiar  patterns of energy cause you to repeat the same actions time after time after time.  It is as if certain habits have become solidified.  What is matter and form, but energy following a specified pattern that Mind has brought into existence and that you now recognize.  Recognize how you [...]

The End of Illusion

2011-09-27T11:51:00-04:00September 27th, 2011|

 Coming toward you in the distance you see a figure dressed in a white robe.  Who could it be?  There is a radiance about the body—a luminous glow unlike any you have seen.  As this figure approaches, you cannot discern male or female, but the energy is pure love.  Are [...]


2011-09-26T11:30:00-04:00September 26th, 2011|

Have you been loving enough?  Where are you focusing your love?  Is your focus on the self, on things of the material world, or on matters of the Spirit?  Do not berate yourself if you have been a bit human-focused of late.  You are, after all, a human, but it [...]

Use Your Will Wisely

2011-09-25T11:28:00-04:00September 25th, 2011|

A law is something unchangeable— That on which you can rely. In your world is Cause and Effect. This Law you can't deny.   You think at times that chaos Is in fact the norm. But this is just a factor Of the acts man does perform.   For man [...]

No Limits

2011-09-24T12:29:00-04:00September 24th, 2011|

This is how it begins: with trust. Trust that the words will come. And then surrender. Surrendering the ego, which wants to say, “You are making this up.” But in your heart you know the truth: There is a greater aspect to all of you—far greater than your minds with [...]

The Real “Wows”

2011-09-23T10:49:00-04:00September 23rd, 2011|

Be not always seeking the big "wows" from Spirit—the giant pieces of evidence which leave your mouth gaping.  Seek instead evidence that Spirit is at work within you in more subtle ways as you go through every moment.  Watch yourself and see how you are changing as you awaken ever [...]

Lean In

2011-09-22T12:11:00-04:00September 22nd, 2011|

The quiet rustle of leaves signals a presence.  Is it a small animal, an approaching stranger, or simply the presence of a breeze?  Listen more carefully.  You lean in and tilt the head, your senses on alert.  Yes, but what do you feel?  Is it danger or are you safe?  [...]

Attraction in Action

2011-09-21T12:38:00-04:00September 21st, 2011|

Visualize success and it is yours, For from your thoughts success it pours. It's when you doubt, that then you fail For thoughts of doubt then do prevail.   You will become that which you see For in your mind your thoughts run free. So harness them and give them [...]

Out of Your Shell

2011-09-20T12:36:00-04:00September 20th, 2011|

Do you at times feel uncomfortable around others?  Do you not feel at home in your own skin?  This is due to two causes.  The first is a lack of resonance.  You and the others do not emit the same energetic vibration.  You will naturally drift apart.  The other cause—known [...]

Outside the Box

2011-09-19T12:15:00-04:00September 19th, 2011|

Do not berate yourself for not going along with the crowd. Do you now realize how many do so because they have learned that this is the route to approval? Always follow your heart and your instincts. If these lead you down a solo path, so be it. You are [...]

From the Fount

2011-09-18T11:23:00-04:00September 18th, 2011|

A source. What is this? The beginning. The fount of a thing. The source of a river begins as a drop of water. It becomes a trickle, then a stream, which grows ever larger and flows until it becomes something much greater. Yes, it becomes fully part of an ocean.You [...]

Cycles and Circles

2011-09-17T11:07:00-04:00September 17th, 2011|

Circular movements represent the shape of creation.  All arises from the void and returns again to silence.  All is vibration.  You arose from the mind of the Divine Mind, beginning as pure spirit and to Spirit you will return.  You experience what you know as birth and death, but these [...]

Reflecting the Highest

2011-09-16T12:48:00-04:00September 16th, 2011|

All of life is an imitation.  What you perceive with the body is merely a reflection of an idea.  That which began as thought took on a vibration until it "solidified," in your terms.  All retains a specific vibration, and this is how you recognize things—by the consistency of the [...]


2011-09-15T12:20:00-04:00September 15th, 2011|

Countless times you have cried out, "Oh, God, help me!"  You do so when you feel utterly alone and powerless, when you are in pain, or facing some great challenge.  You do so knowing intuitively that you are not alone, or you would not cry out at all.   It [...]

What Do You Expect?

2011-09-14T12:25:00-04:00September 14th, 2011|

Expectations … they follow a spectrum from high to low, from beyond the stars to none at all.  From whence come these hopes and dreams or lack thereof?  All come from a seed of an idea.  All arise from the mind, and there they are left to you to grow.  [...]

Get On With It

2011-09-13T11:11:00-04:00September 13th, 2011|

Take the time to stop every so often and remember why you are here.  It is not to make money.  It is not to constantly be doing.  It is simply to be.  "To be what?" you ask.  To be an expression of your Source.  If your Source is all goodness [...]

Center Yourself

2011-09-12T13:15:00-04:00September 12th, 2011|

We have spoken of zippers in the past … of how the teeth must fit together just so or  they do not function.  The same is true of your closet doors that ride a track.  If not centered on the rail, they do not move as designed.  Yet you push, [...]

Ever Upward

2011-09-11T13:05:00-04:00September 11th, 2011|

Do not meet hatred with hatred.  Greet anger not with angst.  These lower vibrations only add to the mix.  Anger, hatred, and intolerance are the byproducts of ignorance.  There is a reason you call darkness darkness.  Such lower vibrations represent a lack of light.  Light represents goodness, love, compassion, and [...]

Outside the Box

2011-09-10T12:35:00-04:00September 10th, 2011|

"Break out of the box."  "They broke the mold when they made you."  These are expressions of creativity, are they not?  What kind of box have you placed around yourself?  How do your thoughts box you in?  Your spirit-essence does not exist in a box.  It is boundless, limitless, and [...]

The Grand Reality

2011-09-09T12:00:00-04:00September 9th, 2011|

You currently perceive the world through your five senses, for this is where you place your attention.  But does not a dog perceive the world differently?  Yes, for it sees not the same colors as you do due to different physical receptors within the eye.  And does not a plant [...]

Like a Child

2011-09-08T13:10:00-04:00September 8th, 2011|

Your sacred writings tell you to be as a child.  There is great wisdom in this.  Let us examine why.  It is because of this very reason!  The adult examines everything, dissects things, and then worries about them … sees the flaws in them, sees the impossibility, sees the limitation, [...]

Learning to Trust

2011-09-07T11:07:00-04:00September 7th, 2011|

Note from Suzanne: I felt a bit silly when I posted yesterday's message from Sanaya. I mean, really ... surfing? The whole "Cowabunga" thing seemed far from spiritual, but I've learned to trust what I hear. So ... I sat down last evening to continue reading a book I'd been [...]

Like a Child

2011-09-05T12:42:00-04:00September 5th, 2011|

A baby's smile lights up a room.  So innocent are they.  They draw those around them like a magnet.  You want to touch their tiny toes, to stroke their hair, and to cuddle them to the breast.  Why this attraction?  It is the innocence.  The purity.  These new-born souls are [...]

The Magic of Creation

2011-09-04T11:13:00-04:00September 4th, 2011|

Mickey Mouse is one of your cartoon figures, created by a man of great vision—a man who had an idea and allowed it to grow into an empire.  This Walt Disney created a kingdom, did he not?  A magic kingdom where happiness reigns, filled with laughter, and joy, and colorful [...]

2011-09-03T11:13:00-04:00September 3rd, 2011|

Oh God in the heavens, may I know that heaven is where I sit. May I feel your presence in all that I do. May I see you in every face and every flower. May I know you in every second and every hour. May there not be a moment [...]

Always in Control

2011-09-02T10:58:00-04:00September 2nd, 2011|

At times your life goes off in directions you did not foresee. At times you feel a bit out of control. Never forget that it is not you who controls this great drama you call life. You play a vital part, but the drama would not exist, save for the [...]

High Praise

2011-09-01T12:53:00-04:00September 1st, 2011|

Flattery will get you anywhere. Why is this so? Because your fellow human beings are so very hungry for recognition and reassurance. Most only have the dimmest recognition that they are truly divine beings. Until fully awakened, they look outside themselves for goodness, love, and affirmation of their worth.Try it, [...]

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