pexels-photo-91147Do you have guiding principles, or do you live your life haphazardly?  Hear us well:  There are no “shoulds.”   However, we daresay that if you have a certain set of principles to remind you who you are and what is important, you will live a more purposeful life.  Once you have identified those principles, hold them in your heart and test them there.  Are they ego-based, or based on unity?  Do they engender the qualities of the soul, such as peace, love, and joy, or do they engender separation?  Principles that add to the growth of the soul and the growth of the whole need not become rigid, for there are many which serve the purpose of growth.  Change them if they no longer stir the heart, but find them and use them, won’t you?  We love you so.

Note from Suzanne:  This message came after I was contemplating the four principles I recently put in writing for myself.  I am going to share them here, and I think it would be great if many of you would list your current guiding principle(s) in the comment section below (If you are reading this by email, click here to go to the post).  I’ll bet we come up with an amazing list to help us all learn and grow together.  Thank you for this idea, Sanaya! 

My principles:

– Don’t take yourself seriously

– It’s not about you

– Give all credit to Spirit

– Love is all that matters