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From Your Lips

2016-04-30T09:39:21-04:00April 30th, 2016|

Your tongue can seem like an enemy.  At times, words slip out that you do not mean to say.  They can be biting or hurtful to another, and you instantly feel regret.  Yes, of course it is helpful to pause before you speak.  We ask you today to go back [...]

One Body

2016-04-29T10:48:05-04:00April 29th, 2016|

Jealousy will get you nowhere.  It is a clear indicator that you have forgotten all is Spirit.  Does one leaf on a tree envy another?  All are of the same Source with the same roots.  Why do you envy another?  Why is there a sense of competition?  For you are [...]

On Loan

2016-04-28T11:03:24-04:00April 28th, 2016|

You borrow books from a library for your temporary enjoyment and learning.  And when you have finished with the book, you return it.  You no longer need the book, for it merely conveyed the information held within.  Welcome to the library you call Earth.  You borrow the physical elements that [...]


2016-04-27T10:50:06-04:00April 27th, 2016|

When you say that a meeting with a medium is healing, what has taken place?  You have experienced a shift in your belief system.  Prior to your meeting, you experienced fear that your loved one was gone forever.  You had perhaps sensed a presence, but your thoughts of merely having [...]

Always Returned

2016-04-26T10:51:02-04:00April 26th, 2016|

Unrequited love … what is this?  It is a human concept:  the belief that it is possible to love another and not have that love realized.  This is quite impossible, for love is energy—a vibration that exists, that simply is.  It flows and never evaporates or disappears.  It is of [...]


2016-04-25T10:41:30-04:00April 25th, 2016|

Never forget who you are.  Never forget who you are.  Never forget …  Never forget …  May these words whisper or resound in your ear as you walk through this life.  It is so easy to think you are only human.  You are not.  You are not … You are [...]


2016-04-24T11:05:31-04:00April 24th, 2016|

How have you served today?  How have you helped another?  “But I have enough challenges of my own,” you say, and this is understood.  But if you only understood that by taking the focus off of your current story in which you are embroiled and showing love to another, even [...]


2016-04-23T09:54:58-04:00April 23rd, 2016|

You are given a brain, and it performs its tasks well.  You also have a mind, which is quite separate from the brain.  Thinking and reasoning are part and parcel of that mind, which is of the spirit, of consciousness, but so is feeling.  Feeling, sensing, knowing are also of [...]


2016-04-22T10:01:08-04:00April 22nd, 2016|

Breathe.  Just breathe.  It is your connection with Source.  It is Source that breathes you, even while you sleep.  And when you are finished your learning here, it is Source who will decide that you take your last breath.  Until then, pay attention to the breath.  Is it labored?  Are [...]


2016-04-21T09:46:23-04:00April 21st, 2016|

To manipulate something means that you get your hands into it and make adjustments to your liking.  Why do you do so?  For you think it will make an improvement that benefits you or others.  This is when motive comes in to play.  Why are you manipulating that person or [...]


2016-04-20T11:20:44-04:00April 20th, 2016|

“Should” and “must” … two words that keep you prisoner in human viewpoint.  Did you know there is nothing you must or should do as a soul?  How freeing that would be, would it not?  Free yourself now by shifting allegiance from the human role you play to the soul [...]


2016-04-19T10:41:36-04:00April 19th, 2016|

“I’m so nervous,” you say, because you have a big date, or a special interview, or are meeting someone of great importance.  Where does your discomfort come from?  From the fact that you have forgotten that all are Special.  None are more special than any other.  Power, wealth, prestige … [...]

The Curriculum

2016-04-18T11:00:20-04:00April 18th, 2016|

Oh, what a challenge you are faced with.  You are in a school with mixed classes and levels.  It is not a private school where all enter with similar states of understanding.  No.  Instead, you all have different beliefs and temperaments.  “Why can’t we all just get along?” you cry, [...]


2016-04-17T11:18:57-04:00April 17th, 2016|

Forgive them, for they know not what they do.  “Oh, yes, they do!” you cry, as you feel the pain of others’ actions.  There are those humans who seemingly hurt others quite deliberately.  Those are the ones who are blinded to the nature of the deeper reality.  So caught up [...]

Finding Peace

2016-04-16T10:59:38-04:00April 16th, 2016|

Pleasure and pain … part of the perfection of your human design.  Use them to find peace.  Too much pleasure can lead to pain, for it is all part of the spectrum of experience.  Peace is somewhere in the middle of that sliding scale.  So many things are meant to [...]

April 2, 2016

2022-09-25T05:46:48-04:00April 16th, 2016|

Unity Center of Tulsa -  Why do we suffer?  Why do some die young?  Consciousness rising.  Gossip.  Do we pick our parents? Choosing an imperfect body for this life.  Autism.  Communication with a re-incarnated soul.  Do we keep the same energy?  How did God begin? Why do we choose a human [...]

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2016-04-15T10:57:40-04:00April 15th, 2016|

Why do humans enjoy drama?  It is because you are programmed to learn through opposites.  If all were always the same, where would be the opportunities for choice?  It is from your choices and the results of those choices that you grow.  And so, the physical body was designed to [...]


2016-04-14T10:57:14-04:00April 14th, 2016|

And so, you had a fright Your loud screams were heard And when you turned out the light, You thought, “How absurd!” “I know who I am. I know I cannot die. And yet I screamed like a child. Can you tell me, then, why?” “Why did I fear? Why [...]


2016-04-13T11:20:51-04:00April 13th, 2016|

Digital Illustration of a Fractal “Please love me,” you beg silently with your eyes and your heart, but it is the human heart that does so, not the soul.  The soul knows you are loved.  The soul knows it is love, for it has Love as its source [...]


2016-04-12T10:45:40-04:00April 12th, 2016|

Goal setting. Your business experts teach it. Your success gurus laud it. It is good to have goals, but we wish you to learn to seek the balance between setting goals and allowing Higher Consciousness to guide you. If you become specific in your goals as many teach, then you [...]


2016-04-11T10:15:21-04:00April 11th, 2016|

Attention, whether good or bad, is what the ego wants.  It is ego’s way of feeling loved.  Ego does not want you to know that you are a soul.  And so, it acts out in good ways and ways that are not always loving.  We wish you to look at [...]


2016-04-10T09:59:12-04:00April 10th, 2016|

A loved one dies suddenly, for no apparent reason.  “It was not their time,” you say, and you are speaking in human terms, where time is a factor in most things.  For the soul, there is no time, only experience … being … and ongoing growth, whether in a physical [...]

The Beacon

2016-04-09T10:10:39-04:00April 9th, 2016|

Like a beacon in the night … one whose inner light shines unimpeded stands out in a crowd.  You all carry wounds, for humans hurt each other, intentionally or not.  But there are those among you who know that the human side exists there alongside the soul, which is eternal.  [...]

Beyond the Illusion

2016-04-08T09:51:46-04:00April 8th, 2016|

BeReality is far more malleable than it appears.  Do not buy into it.  You have already bought into wars and terror and such.  What if all were to buy into the concept that all there is is love?  Why, reality would change. But reality changes slowly, for some are slow [...]


2016-04-07T09:50:27-04:00April 7th, 2016|

To those who keep the focus quite firmly fixed on the physical world, the death of one you hold dear comes as a shock.  Even if you had prepared for it, it seems to you that one moment they are there and the next they are gone.  “How can that [...]


2016-04-06T09:42:39-04:00April 6th, 2016|

Be careful who you worship.  It is one thing to feel great gratitude and love for one who has helped you, who brings you peace and joy and love, but do not feel that they are more special than you.  Perhaps they have awakened something in you that was there [...]

In the Middle

2016-04-05T09:47:08-04:00April 5th, 2016|

To reconcile … to bring together disparate entities and form one unit.  To overcome differences, or at least put them aside so that two who were at odds can now be as one.  Where do you meet when you reconcile?  In the middle, of course.  Reconciliation is a process, and [...]

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