key-lock-door-11195655When you say that a meeting with a medium is healing, what has taken place?  You have experienced a shift in your belief system.  Prior to your meeting, you experienced fear that your loved one was gone forever.  You had perhaps sensed a presence, but your thoughts of merely having a fanciful imagination kept you from believing what the heart already knew:  you cannot kill the spirit, for Spirit is all that is. 

Could it be that experiencing the knowing that a loved one lives on is as simple as changing your thoughts?  Yes, indeed.  Belief is the key.  It unlocks the door to far greater experiences than you can currently imagine.  Does this mean you believe fanciful messages?  Not necessarily.  Ask for evidence if you need it, and you shall receive it, but you must be willing to believe when the evidence is presented if you wish to open the door wide.