libYou borrow books from a library for your temporary enjoyment and learning.  And when you have finished with the book, you return it.  You no longer need the book, for it merely conveyed the information held within.  Welcome to the library you call Earth.  You borrow the physical elements that form a body, and you carry them around for a while whilst absorbing the information and experiences that having that body affords you.  When you have gleaned all you can from that body, your soul returns it to the earth and moves on to choose another form.

Your body is on loan to your soul.  It is not who you are.  Who you are continues growing and learning with or without a body.  Enjoy your current book or chapter or whatever you wish to call this incarnation, but it is not the only book you will ever read.  You are here to soak up experiences.  The body is but a loaner.