P6141684A mother’s son on the other side made his presence very clear to me last night.  Some of you may have attended a workshop in which I spoke about chef Lisa Dahl of Sedona, pictured here with Ty and me two years ago at one of Lisa’s restaurants.  Lisa lost her beloved son, Justin, at a young age, but Justin made it very clear to his mom in a reading with me that he is still very much with her.  Last year when Ty and I visited Sedona, we hadn’t planned on visiting with Lisa, but Justin dropped into my awareness with several important messages for his mom.  Among other things, he told me she had an eye issue that she really needed to pay attention to.  He said she’d been working too hard on her new restaurant, and showed me a butterfly sculpture related to the restaurant.  2015-06-23-Mariposa-Exterior229

I love this kind of “drop-in” visit because it shows that I am not simply reading someone’s mind in a session.  Lisa was not with me when I felt Justin’s presence and I could not have known these things about her.  I called Lisa and she verified everything on the list of notes I read to her.  Just before I called, she had been in a meeting with a sculptor discussing a butterfly sculpture to be placed outside the restaurant.  The photo here shows the finished product.  What beautiful confirmation that our loved ones know what’s going on in our lives!  As for the eye issue, yes, Lisa had been ignoring problems with her eyes, but because Justin insisted she have them checked out, she went to the doctor.  He told her it was a good thing she came in, as the problem would have gotten worse quite quickly.  Thanks, son!

P6151692During that visit last year, Lisa invited us to take a tour of her new restaurant, which at the time had just been framed in.  The setting is unique, with stunning, unimpeded vistas of the famed red rocks of Sedona.  We looked forward to returning when the restaurant opened.

Last night Ty and I had the opportunity to dine at Mariposa, and it was one of the most exceptional culinary experiences we have ever enjoyed.  Lisa is an amazing chef and has created a magical atmosphere to accompany her magnificent meals.  What made the evening truly magical, however, was yet another drop-in from Justin.  I felt his presence the moment we stepped into the restaurant.

Lisa was across town at one of her other restaurants, but Justin remarked about her necklace.  He showed me sparkling squares strung together.  I texted this to Lisa, and she replied, “I’m on Lisa Dahl with lipsmy way.”  When she approached us at our table, I stood to hug her but stopped short upon seeing her necklace.  “That’s it!” I cried, noting that the sparkling squares were the diamonds you see her wearing here.  She explained the special significance of this necklace, and it made perfect sense that Justin would remark about it.  Throughout the evening Justin continued to put bits of information into my mind that he wanted me to pass on to his mother.  I clearly sensed him sitting at our table with us and then moving around as he kept an eye on the restaurant staff doing their job.  “I’m as much a part of this restaurant as you are,” he told his mother.  One after another she validated the evidence.  Perhaps the most fun piece was a pair of painted red lips Justin showed me.  Lisa smiled and pulled out the newly designed gift card she just had produced.  Look closely in the photo and you’ll see those painted lips, just as Justin showed me.

I have prayed for this kind of drop-in visit, and Justin’s is the fifth this month–each one with irrefutable evidence that these beautiful souls are right here with us and know what is going on in our lives.  I am so grateful for this gift of sight, sound, and love that just keeps on giving.  I’ll say as often as I need to until people truly understand:  Death is just a transition.  Talk to your loved ones in spirit.  They hear you!