flowUnrequited love … what is this?  It is a human concept:  the belief that it is possible to love another and not have that love realized.  This is quite impossible, for love is energy—a vibration that exists, that simply is.  It flows and never evaporates or disappears.  It is of Spirit.  It is eternal.  When you think of love not coming back to you and this “makes you miserable,” you are fully immersed in the human drama.  When you rise above the drama and identify with the soul, you recognize that love is your very essence.  You can no more be removed from the flow than a river can be removed from water.  Unrequited love is not a term that relates to the soul.  It is purely a human concept.  You are both human and spirit for a while.  If you somehow feel cheated, flip the coin and put your soul side up.