Finding PeacePleasure and pain … part of the perfection of your human design.  Use them to find peace.  Too much pleasure can lead to pain, for it is all part of the spectrum of experience.  Peace is somewhere in the middle of that sliding scale.  So many things are meant to be enjoyed, but such is the perfection of the system that when you are in danger of no longer learning lessons and growing—for you have become stuck in seeking greater and greater pleasure—then a bit of pain ensues to remind you to seek the middle ground again.  Why?  For you are here to experience life in its infinite facets.  If you become addicted to the pleasure of just one facet, you have limited your growth opportunities.  To be sure, there are lessons to be learned from the pain of addiction, but you need not suffer to grow.  Peace is your birthright.  Enjoy your pleasures; tolerate and learn from the pain as you learn that the more you experience both in moderation, the closer you come to finding peace.