worshipBe careful who you worship.  It is one thing to feel great gratitude and love for one who has helped you, who brings you peace and joy and love, but do not feel that they are more special than you.  Perhaps they have awakened something in you that was there all along.  Yes, the gratitude is real.  And now you know why you feel they are special, for they have shown you that you are special.  ALL are special.

In a world in which you worship those you see on your big and little screens, those who wield power and have great beauty, it is easy to feel diminished … lesser.  Look at the difference between what they engender within you.  This kind of idol worship is of the ego, which wants you to feel diminished so that ego remains in charge.  Those who help you to become aware of your soul engender a different feeling altogether.

When you can shift your focus from the ego to the part of you that is pure love—the soul—then perhaps you will see that you are love itself, and therefore special in your own right … no more and no less special than any other, for all is Spirit.  Love your brothers and sisters with all your heart, and love yourself divinely.  It is all God, and you are an aspect of That.