reconcileTo reconcile … to bring together disparate entities and form one unit.  To overcome differences, or at least put them aside so that two who were at odds can now be as one.  Where do you meet when you reconcile?  In the middle, of course.  Reconciliation is a process, and part of that process involves surrendering or giving up something.  That something usually involves will or strongly held beliefs.  What do you find when you have moved to the middle?  Peace.  Joy.  Love.  These same elements are at the center of you, and at the center of all that is.  Where might you need to do some reconciling?  With whom might you want to reconcile to find these essential qualities?  If the other refuses to meet you in the middle, go there yourself and send that other the qualities you find there.  Are they not what all humans are seeking?


Note from Suzanne:  When Sanaya first came to me and gave me their name (they are a collective consciousness of guides) I googled it and found that it was a Sanskrit name meaning “Eminent, distinguished, and of the gods.”  I found that very appropriate.  Then, a year ago, I learned it is also an Arabic name meaning “Flash of lightning.”  Wow.  How appropriate considering it was my step-daughter’s death from a flash of lightning that brought me down this path.  Well, today I received an email from a woman who told me that her daughter’s name is Sanaya.  She informed me that Sanaya is also a Persian name.  Are you ready for the meaning in Persian?  “One who knows all.”  I love you, Sanaya.  Thank you for giving yourselves a most appropriate name and for giving all of us your daily messages of hope and love.