lucid-dreamingTo those who keep the focus quite firmly fixed on the physical world, the death of one you hold dear comes as a shock.  Even if you had prepared for it, it seems to you that one moment they are there and the next they are gone.  “How can that be?” you ask.  “How can they no longer exist?”  And this is the challenge for those focused only on this reality.  It is like dreaming at night and thinking your dreams are real.  They are quite real when you are having them, and then you awaken, and with surprise you say, “But it seemed so real!”  This will be your reaction as well when you awaken from this physical dream and find yourself face to face with those you held so dear. 

Do you wish to know where they have gone?  Close your eyes.  Turn off the noise.  Quiet the mind.  Close out the human world, and shift your focus to a state of expectancy.  Know what your heart already knows:  There is more.  Now sit and ask to be shown another way of being, another way of knowing.  Do this often, knowing that the human does not know what to expect, and so you set your expectations aside and you experience.  This is the doorway that when opened will lead you to know that your loved ones not only await you, but are right there … in the silence.