IMG_0104BeReality is far more malleable than it appears.  Do not buy into it.  You have already bought into wars and terror and such.  What if all were to buy into the concept that all there is is love?  Why, reality would change. But reality changes slowly, for some are slow to catch on.  How has your reality changed as you have come to realize that you are love and that you are loved beyond words?  It has changed in miraculous ways, has it not?  Ways you never would have imagined when fear ruled your beliefs.  And so, there is hope for all of you.  No matter how slowly love is healing your planet, rest assured that healing is taking place.  It is only a matter of time, which you know is an illusion.  So as more and more of you cease buying into the illusion, more love prevails.


Photo art courtesy of Clint Stull