beaconLike a beacon in the night … one whose inner light shines unimpeded stands out in a crowd.  You all carry wounds, for humans hurt each other, intentionally or not.  But there are those among you who know that the human side exists there alongside the soul, which is eternal.  They have stopped focusing on and identifying with the wounds, and therefore, their inner light shines through.  It does not mean they don’t have wounds.  It does not mean they are not human.  They have simply shifted allegiance, and thus they become that beacon toward which others turn. 

Go back and read our words again, only substitute the word “you” where “they” is written.  Does this apply to you now?  Can you see a day, a moment, when this shift occurs and it applies to you?  It can happen in an instant.  Do you not press a light switch and instantly the darkness in a room is banished?  The light has been there all along inside you, my friend.  All along.  No need to grope in the darkness a moment longer.  You control the switch.