StairwayToHeavenA loved one dies suddenly, for no apparent reason.  “It was not their time,” you say, and you are speaking in human terms, where time is a factor in most things.  For the soul, there is no time, only experience … being … and ongoing growth, whether in a physical body or not.  If the soul can learn lessons and grow best whilst in a body, it will continue to create that earthly experience, but there are many cases where more learning will occur and the greater good will be served for others if that soul continues its existence without the body. 

Do the loved ones still on earth grow more as a result of a passing?  Do they ask the deeper life questions which propel them into greater awareness as a result?  See all from a higher perspective than that of the human being who focuses only on the physical.  There is love behind all that is.  When you can find the love, you will find your answers.  Love is not lost when there is a passing, for death is only a transition.  Love is.  Always.