attentionAttention, whether good or bad, is what the ego wants.  It is ego’s way of feeling loved.  Ego does not want you to know that you are a soul.  And so, it acts out in good ways and ways that are not always loving.  We wish you to look at those who speak hurtful words, those who gossip, those who voice negative opinions.  This is ego’s cry, saying, “Look at me!  I am special, too.”  To the ego, any attention makes it feel special.  If that ego-focused being were to come to know again the soul within, it would have no more need for attention of any kind, but would wish to give out only love.  The soul already knows that all are special.  See those who seek attention through lower vibrations with compassion, for they are blinded to the beauty that lies within all that is and all who breathe.