goal-setting-techniquesGoal setting. Your business experts teach it. Your success gurus laud it. It is good to have goals, but we wish you to learn to seek the balance between setting goals and allowing Higher Consciousness to guide you. If you become specific in your goals as many teach, then you are limiting yourself. Do you have the bigger picture from your human perspective? If not, then Who does? Can you allow yourself to believe you are part of a benevolent, loving Source that wants nothing more than your greatest good? If so, then surrender your will to that Love and allow yourself to be guided.

“Thank you for directing me to be a source for good. Thank you for the abundance in all aspects of my life: health, wealth, and relationships. Thank you for shelter. Thank you for peace and joy. I am complete.” Imagine if all set this as a goal: that the greatest good be served by each and through each. There would be no competition, only service. This may sound like utopia, but you can make this your world right now.