logicalYou are given a brain, and it performs its tasks well.  You also have a mind, which is quite separate from the brain.  Thinking and reasoning are part and parcel of that mind, which is of the spirit, of consciousness, but so is feeling.  Feeling, sensing, knowing are also of the spirit.  These are associated with the heart, but they no more derive from the heart than your thoughts derive from the brain.  When we say “get out of the head and into the heart,” we are merely advising you to feel more, sense more, intuit more, and use a bit less logic.  We are advising you to either seek balance between thinking and intuiting, or to rely more on the sensing aspects of the soul for a change in perspective and perception. 

Those of you who rely more on logic and analysis may fear giving up that logic, for you may be forced to feel things you do not wish to feel.  Where there is fear, there is focus on human thinking.  When the soul is front and center, there is only love.  Fear not, and set the intention of rediscovering the love that has always been within, whether you THINK so or not.