rocks+on+beachWhy do humans enjoy drama?  It is because you are programmed to learn through opposites.  If all were always the same, where would be the opportunities for choice?  It is from your choices and the results of those choices that you grow.  And so, the physical body was designed to secrete chemicals in response to thoughts caused by events.  The feelings experienced as a result of these secretions are termed “good or bad” and thus you learn from your choices.  Adrenaline is one such chemical.  Do you not have a term for one who is addicted to excitement or drama?  You call that one an “adrenaline junkie.” 

Drama for some is addictive.  Gossip, tragedy, horror, conflict … even though these may not be pleasant, at times the body craves these initiators of drama.  And thus you learn.  Some of you may decide you have had enough drama.  You would prefer more peace in your life, and you start down a different path.  And oh so slowly you find it as you break the addictive cycle and realize that peace has been within you all along, but it is separate from the physical body with its addictive secretions.  And so, you shift your focus when the drama gets to be too much to the side of you that is not physical and you say, “I choose peace.  I am that.” 

It is that simple.