And so, you had a fright
Your loud screams were heard
And when you turned out the light,
You thought, “How absurd!”

“I know who I am.
I know I cannot die.
And yet I screamed like a child.
Can you tell me, then, why?”

“Why did I fear?
Why did I run?
Why did I instantly forget
Where I came from?”

It’s because you are human
You come with a brain.
A finely tuned instrument
That makes you feel pain.

You come with a program
Instructions quite clear:
When danger is present
You are meant to feel fear.

So scream and run
Cry if you will
And when danger is passed
Then sit and be still

Reflect on your actions
The lessons you learned
If a fire is present
You know not to be burned

Value the body
And its built in protection
Honor its instincts
Its innate perfection

When danger has passed
And once again you feel fine
Sit back and reflect
That it wasn’t “your time.”

Be not upset
That you screamed and you ran
But never forget

It’s all part of a plan.

It is love that you are
And love cannot die
For from love you have come
There is only one “I”