truth-in-loveYour tongue can seem like an enemy.  At times, words slip out that you do not mean to say.  They can be biting or hurtful to another, and you instantly feel regret.  Yes, of course it is helpful to pause before you speak.  We ask you today to go back a step farther and examine the underlying cause of the words you are no longer going to speak.  From where comes your pain?  Yes, your pain.  If you were about to speak hurtful words toward another, then it is not necessarily “their fault.”  Hurt people hurt people, so why do you hurt?  Pain comes from identifying with the human side of you, but you are both human and spirit.  See yourself and others in a holy new light by identifying with the soul and seeing spirit in all that is.  Shift identification regularly, and soon you will no longer need to pause before you speak.  You will be the presence of love and see the presence of love, and only love will spill from your lips.