schoolhouse-2Oh, what a challenge you are faced with.  You are in a school with mixed classes and levels.  It is not a private school where all enter with similar states of understanding.  No.  Instead, you all have different beliefs and temperaments.  “Why can’t we all just get along?” you cry, and that is precisely why you are in the school.  Getting along and supporting and coming to understand each other is precisely the curriculum.

It is not at all about coming to see everything alike.  It is about using the tools with which you have been endowed to learn from each other.  You have a crayon for creativity, a paintbrush for cooperation, scissors for trimming off the rough edges, and a microscope for seeing beyond the surface.  Peer deeply, why don’t you, into the heart of your fellow students, and there you might find the one thing that unites you all.  Aha.  Perhaps there is hope for this school.  Perhaps you are not so different after all.