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That One … Your New Friend

2012-06-30T15:01:00-04:00June 30th, 2012|

Do you love yourself enough?  Do you?  Do you speak to yourself lovingly and regard yourself with compassion?  Take a step back and see yourself from afar.  Listen to the way that one is addressing themself.  Do you want to step in and say, "Please be more kind"?  Is that [...]


2012-06-29T14:37:00-04:00June 29th, 2012|

As a river flows, so do your thoughts, never stopping.  They encounter obstacles and take a turn.  At certain points they flow even faster, scurrying to get around the bend.  This constant stream never dries up, propelling you along, along, along until finally you emerge into a larger delta, then [...]


2012-06-28T14:43:00-04:00June 28th, 2012|

Be very clear about what it is you desire, for your thoughts will bring you what you envision.  Look around you.  Everything you have and see is there by choice, either yours or another's.  If you are unhappy with what you see, then you must make a choice, mustn't you?  [...]

Perfect in Every Way

2012-06-27T14:46:00-04:00June 27th, 2012|

Perfection comes at a price.  Striving, always striving.  Forsaking others.  Anxiety.  And what is this elusive thing you seek?  Does it even exist?  It is a goal you set to be flawless or to perform flawlessly, but who is it that determines what is a flaw and what is not? [...]

On the Way Up

2012-06-26T14:36:00-04:00June 26th, 2012|

Elevator music – a bit of a derogatory term you use for insipid music which plays while you ride in a little box that saves you effort going up and down.  You are taking the easy way out, riding an elevator.  Yes, all will rise to the top if they [...]

Claiming Victory

2012-06-25T13:47:00-04:00June 25th, 2012|

Victory … when one achieves a desired outcome.  There is usually great rejoicing, unless the victory came at the expense of another.  You celebrate your victories, your triumphs, pounding each other on the backs, but should all be celebrated?  What of the losers?  Does one ever stop to say, "I'm [...]

Ah, yes …

2012-06-24T13:27:00-04:00June 24th, 2012|

Satisfaction.  A state in which you cease to strive.  For a moment or a while you have found peace.  You are satisfied.  Yes, of course you know there is always more, but just for now you need not chase after it.  This is a peaceful place to be.  Sit there [...]


2012-06-23T13:21:00-04:00June 23rd, 2012|

"I feel as if I've known you forever!"  Have you ever said this to another?  Of course you have, for the soul is eternal.  Spirit does not die, nor is it born.  These are human aspects.  Spirit simply is.  You made an agreement before taking on this particular role in [...]

From Up High

2012-06-22T13:54:00-04:00June 22nd, 2012|

"Get on your high horse."  What does this mean?  You step onto the saddle of a tall horse and from there look down upon all, surveying others now from a position of authority based only upon altitude.  Do you see the folly?  The only thing that has separated you from [...]

One Song

2012-06-21T15:02:00-04:00June 21st, 2012|

Think of your musicians who form a band.  Such energy they create together—not just in the musical notes that bring pleasure, but in the energy they create through their own synergy.  They know that alone they can and do create beautiful music, but together the effect is far different and [...]

That Vital Flow

2012-06-20T14:33:00-04:00June 20th, 2012|

A pin pricks the finger and you bleed.  Just a drop comes out and you stare at it.  The dot of bright, red color is in such contrast to the skin.  “Is that really inside of me?”  It is so easy to forget that this vital fluid flows constantly through [...]

Much Appreciated

2012-06-19T14:10:00-04:00June 19th, 2012|

What is kindness, but doing something for another which you know they will appreciate.  It may not be something that receiving it would make you in particular smile, or perhaps it would, but either way, doing it makes you smile.  Why?  For you have made the other vibrate higher, or [...]

All There Is

2012-06-18T13:53:00-04:00June 18th, 2012|

Satan exists in the mind--in the human mind that knows both ends of the spectrum of being. There is pain and sadness, just as there is health and gladness. You ride between the two, back and forth constantly. Is there a God and a devil, or is there simply Love [...]

Pulling Strings

2012-06-17T13:28:00-04:00June 17th, 2012|

Miracles happen every day, and you are surprised.  Miracles are not outside the laws of science.  Creation consists of laws of great order, but there is far more to creation than the physical world.  Just as you cannot see certain colors outside of your spectrum or hear sounds beyond those [...]

Soul Afire

2012-06-16T12:56:00-04:00June 16th, 2012|

“A ball of fire”—that is what others call you when you are so thoroughly energized that they can feel your vibrations.  You are fully alive in these moments—radiating pure life.  Do you not know that this verbal expression is quite close to your natural state?  If you could see yourself [...]


2012-06-15T14:03:00-04:00June 15th, 2012|

Artistry—you see it all around you.  The human picks up a pen or a lump of clay and creates something beautiful from a concept.  The result is a poem, or a painting, or a sculpture that others look upon and say, “It is good.”  The Great Creator had a concept.  [...]

Reach Out

2012-06-14T13:57:00-04:00June 14th, 2012|

Others will forgive us this day as we give this vital message to one who will read these words and needs to hear them … When a person takes their own life, they are merely detaching consciousness from form.  It is impossible to take away Life.  It is God who [...]

Can you hear Me now?

2012-06-13T13:32:00-04:00June 13th, 2012|

Why do you not speak enough of love?  You speak of war, and crime, and atrocities, for all of these resonate to the lower vibrational field.  Love is the highest vibration.  It exerts a pull that you would know as magnetic upon all of you.  It is why you are [...]


2012-06-12T13:12:00-04:00June 12th, 2012|

Adaptation.  What is this?  You adapt to an environment or a belief that at first did not fit quite right.  This is merely your vibration coming into resonance with the energy around you.  If you never adapt, then you remain in a state of dissonance.  Be aware that your vibration [...]

Clogged Up?

2012-06-11T13:03:00-04:00June 11th, 2012|

Syrup and molasses—slow moving, viscous liquids which you know as “sticky.”  Your energy is like this at times.  It is then that you feel lethargic, out of sorts, and disconnected from others and your Source.  The source of this sluggishness is varied, but remember that all is energy, including your [...]


2012-06-10T12:46:00-04:00June 10th, 2012|

Moses came upon a burning bush.  The flames burned and burned, yet the bush was not consumed.  You may interpret your Bible stories literally or figuratively.  We wish you to know that the same Flame burns within you and speaks to you at all times.  Why does the body feel [...]

Automatic Reactions

2012-06-09T12:43:00-04:00June 9th, 2012|

You run from the skunk.  History has told you that he is an enemy.  You see the shape and the coloring and you bristle in horror.  Even though you may never have encountered one face to face, you feel fear.  Do you not know that the skunk’s emission of an [...]

From Up High

2012-06-08T12:56:00-04:00June 8th, 2012|

Note from Suzanne:  As we cross into New Mexico today we will be in Mountain Time Zone for the next few weeks.  I will be posting Sanaya two hours earlier than those readers in EST have been used to.  Of course, Sanaya tells us time is an illusion!  Sending love [...]

With Ease

2012-06-07T11:41:00-04:00June 7th, 2012|

There is no need to try so hard.  No need to struggle.  When has trying ever gotten you exactly what you wanted every time?  Yes, of course you have had success from trying and from hard work, but that is quite different from struggling.  Hard work can be done with [...]

Daily Showers

2012-06-06T13:17:00-04:00June 6th, 2012|

Lower vibrations are toxic to your system.  Yes, your own thoughts lower your personal frequency, but you are also bombarded with the vibrations of others.  If you work or live in an environment in which there is a lack of resonance, you must make a concerted effort to keep vibrating [...]

Nothing to Dread

2012-06-05T13:16:00-04:00June 5th, 2012|

What is dread, but fear?  What is fear, but a perception?  Fear is a very human characteristic.  One who knows themself as spirit first and foremost knows peace—knows that there truly is no death.  It is your attachments that hold you in fear and fill you with dread.  If you [...]


2012-06-04T13:20:00-04:00June 4th, 2012|

When those around you change beyond recognition, you change as well.  It is human to want everything to stay the same, but every cell in your body is constantly changing, as is every vibration of your spirit body.  Change propels the soul ever onward in its quest for growth.  Do [...]

Leaving Your Mark

2012-06-03T13:32:00-04:00June 3rd, 2012|

Why are you comfortable in your home? For your personal energy fills the space. Why does your home feel unusual when there has been a long absence? For the energy is stale. Why does it take a while for a new home to feel comfortable? For you are in the [...]


2012-06-02T11:34:00-04:00June 2nd, 2012|

A fly is an irritant to you.  It carries disease, you have been told.  Then why does it exist at all?  Each creature on earth serves a purpose, or it would not exist.  You swat the fly or shoo it away.  Do others do the same to you, seeing you [...]


2012-06-01T13:24:00-04:00June 1st, 2012|

What does it mean to be the presence of love?  It is when the true nature of your being radiates from every pore, when you feel yourself flowing like liquid into everything around you, merging and flowing as one with all that is.  In such a state of oneness, you [...]

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