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True Healing

2018-06-29T11:12:54-04:00June 29th, 2018|

Band-Aids.  You use them to cover a wound.  You have an expression that something is "only a band aid" if it is not a cure, but a temporary solution.  Ultimately how does healing take place?  By the grace of God.  Just as does your breathing.  Medicines, band aids, healing energy, [...]


2018-06-28T10:37:15-04:00June 28th, 2018|

What are you waiting for?  You are good enough right now.  Do what you do best.  Do it to the best of your ability.  Just get your head out of the way.  It is the head that says, "I don't match up.  I don't fit in.  What will others think?  [...]

Finding Peace

2022-05-17T17:27:07-04:00June 26th, 2018|

Today the message is peace.  Not the peace that comes when two warring factions decide to no longer attack each other.  That is peace, but of the temporary kind.  An agreement to no longer fight is far from the divine internal peace of which we speak to you today.  [...]

Moving Target

2018-06-26T10:18:33-04:00June 26th, 2018|

All over the chart. Do you not know this expression? It means that something is scattered, showing up in many places or at many levels. Is your awareness of Who and What you are at times all over the chart? That is because there is only one Mind projecting itself [...]

The Reason

2018-06-25T10:43:24-04:00June 25th, 2018|

Birds chirping in a tree.  They are doing what they do.  Bees buzzing and flying from one flower to another.  They are doing what they do.  Humans interacting and reasoning and thinking things through.  They are doing what they do.  You cannot help but use reason and logic.  What a [...]

True Beauty

2018-06-24T10:28:31-04:00June 24th, 2018|

What is beauty?  Can you define it?  There are certain human norms that say the eyes must be set just so, the nose exactly like this, the lips ... and so forth.  Who decided this?  Who taught you this?  What if you had no sight?  What would beauty be then?  [...]


2018-06-22T10:57:32-04:00June 22nd, 2018|

Empathy.  Do you not at times need to go through what someone else has gone through--to walk in another's shoes--to understand them from their position?  At times this cannot be done simply through mind projection.   At times you are given the full-blown experience and you come out a changed person [...]

Rise Above

2018-06-21T10:36:55-04:00June 21st, 2018|

You do this to yourself.  Can you be honest and see that this is true?  It is easy to throw the blame at others for your stress, anger, or frustration, but why do you have so many things on your plate?  Why is there not enough time?  You have become [...]

Made to Fly

2018-06-20T10:31:42-04:00June 20th, 2018|

Butterflies are free, and so can you be, when you are ready to cease thinking, "But I am only human."  The human is a role.  It is the same old story of the caterpillar and the butterfly.  As long as you identify with the caterpillar, you are not free.  Are [...]


2018-06-18T10:42:58-04:00June 18th, 2018|

If you find out that you have a guide and that guide is one who was well known when they walked upon your earth, perhaps you do not agree with all that they espoused at that time.  Do not despair.  Your guides do not become guides unless they have experienced [...]


2018-06-17T10:06:07-04:00June 17th, 2018|

Philosophy.  Is it not different for each person?  You all must filter your ideas through your own set of beliefs.  Each culture shares a similar philosophy, yet even within a culture, men's ideas differ.  Have you not heard of the Perennial Philosophy?  There is only one Truth, and this Truth [...]


2018-06-16T09:42:39-04:00June 16th, 2018|

Why do you need to surrender your focus on human views, human identification, in order to access higher consciousness?  For human views are limited.  There is always a connection to the higher dimensions within you.  Those dimensions are not exactly higher as in "up there" or "out there".  They are [...]

Fingers and Toes

2018-06-15T10:05:59-04:00June 15th, 2018|

Count your fingers and your toes.  You are used to a certain number.  For this reason, when something happens that is of a low occurrence, you say, “I can count that on my fingers and toes,” and this has meaning for you.  But what of the extraordinary?  What of those [...]

Empty Cup

2018-06-14T09:30:52-04:00June 14th, 2018|

You may disagree with another.  Remain open.  Do not be so sure of your position, your opinion, that you miss opportunities to grow and expand in your understanding.  Whilst in a human body, you will not have the whole picture.  You can, however, do the best you can do.  Be [...]

Golden Key

2018-06-13T09:57:12-04:00June 13th, 2018|

How do you know what a tree is when you perceive it?  You know because someone educated you about this fact at some time in your education as a human.  How do you know what a family is?  You know for the very same reason.  It is a human construct, [...]

Life Review or Life Well Lived? – An Essay by Lynette Setzkorn

2018-06-12T21:14:12-04:00June 12th, 2018|

The following essay was written by my dear friend and scheduling assistant, Lynette Setzkorn, after the passing of our mutual soul sister, Brenda Bollmann Baker.  I have been in near-daily contact with Brenda across the veil.  Read Lynette's amazing and important words about how we can make the most of [...]


2018-06-12T10:12:33-04:00June 12th, 2018|

It is a busy time for you, human.  You have taken on a busy role.  It requires much focus, much activity.  Do not let that cause you to forget it is just a role.  Do not let the busy-ness allow you to become “all business” and forget that it is [...]


2018-06-11T10:50:52-04:00June 11th, 2018|

Ask questions.  Ask questions ceaselessly.  Never be satisfied as long as you have suffering or pain.  Ask others, of course, but the greatest answers to your questions arise when you go within and touch the soul.  With the soul ignited, in soul awareness, you then touch a higher power.  That higher [...]


2018-06-10T09:20:38-04:00June 10th, 2018|

What happens when you awaken from a so-called bad dream?  You are out of sorts for a while.  You know the peaceful, pleasant, more balanced aspect of yourself is "in there somewhere," but you cannot shake the uneasy remnants of the dream.  This is what it is like for some [...]


2018-06-09T08:34:28-04:00June 9th, 2018|

Yes, it is good to be balanced -- maintaining both soul awareness and human awareness and not being caught up in the drama of being human quite so much.  But sometimes it behooves you to become unbalanced in the direction of soul awareness.  Spend some time knowing and experiencing yourself [...]

Got Peace?

2018-06-08T08:54:34-04:00June 8th, 2018|

You don't have to prove anything to anyone.  Not even to yourself.  Just show up.  That's what your soul does every moment.  The soul is always there within you.  How can it be otherwise?  You are that light.  The challenges in your life come when you forget this and you [...]


2018-06-07T09:04:40-04:00June 7th, 2018|

Are your guides with you always?  They will tell you themselves, "We are here."  Where is here?  Here is where you are.  Where you are is always here.  You are used to a world of coming and going, of spaces and places and time that seems to unfold.  Your guides [...]


2018-06-06T09:44:47-04:00June 6th, 2018|

When you encounter someone with whom you do not resonate, do you want to run and hide?  All the more reason to stay, if just for a little while.  We are not telling you to subject yourself to pain or negativity, but to use those lower vibrations that arise in [...]

I, We, Us

2018-06-05T09:26:21-04:00June 5th, 2018|

As you start out on the path of awakening, it is all about "me."  Little by little you come to know that the same light that burns within you burns within others, even if they are not aware of it, and then, your focus turns more towards "we."  Onward you [...]

True Nature

2018-06-04T07:59:06-04:00June 4th, 2018|

Do not allow your fears to consume you.  This is quite easy to do when you forget you are spirit in human form.  In the forgetting, ego takes over, and ego loves fear.  It holds you prisoner.  When you are tied up in your fears it is difficult to feel [...]

No Comparison

2018-06-03T08:47:39-04:00June 3rd, 2018|

You are enough. That is all.  You need no window dressing, no improvements.  Stop comparing yourself to others, please, and feel your heart.  “Not good enough,” you say?  Look again.  Do not look into the past.  In this moment now, right now, feel the love that you are.  Sit with [...]