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Poem #315 – Doorway to the Soul

2010-05-31T15:58:10-04:00May 31st, 2010|

Look into another’s eyes And what there do you see? A reflection of yourself, perhaps A glimpse into your own eternity. And if you look yet deeper You’d see there something more. An opening, of sorts – an entrance… A waiting, open door. Step in through that doorway. Do it [...]

Poem #314 – Angels at Your Side

2010-05-30T15:58:45-04:00May 30th, 2010|

Angels may have wings or not. Just know that they are there Watching every step you take – Of your mind and spirit taking care. Some of you may call them guides. It is the self-same thing. For we do guide you through your life. Great wisdom do we bring. [...]

Poem #313 – Effortless

2010-05-29T15:59:15-04:00May 29th, 2010|

I wasn't getting anything at first today, so I started to worry. Then I REALLY wasn't getting anything. Then I cleared my mind, and this is what I heard: This process of the poetry Works not when you do try. For only can we speak to you When your own [...]

Poem #312 – Perspective

2010-05-28T15:59:47-04:00May 28th, 2010|

Things may not always happen The way you think they should. You have your own perception Of what you think is good. But yours is one perspective. You see things from your eyes. But what would you see if you looked down From a viewpoint in the skies? You’d see [...]

Poem #311 – Pure Gold

2010-05-27T16:00:28-04:00May 27th, 2010|

Deep within there lies a treasure Like a vein of gold. In bygone days men mined for this Because of stories they’d been told. They spent all of their money Left their families and their home In search of this illusive gold. Quite far these seekers they did roam. But [...]

Poem #310 – What Truly Matters

2010-05-26T16:01:06-04:00May 26th, 2010|

How few are they Who stop each day And take the time to pray. But if they knew They’d stop and say “Oh God, I come to you.” For it is in the silence That remembrance it returns Of whence you came and who you are And why the heart [...]

Poem #309 – Heal Your Wounds

2010-05-25T16:01:42-04:00May 25th, 2010|

From Sedona, Arizona Wounds heal, but slowly It depends how deep the cut. But some wounds they heal not at all For you create in them a rut. These are the wounds you cause yourself- Wounds caused by how you think – Accepting false beliefs as true Then as in [...]

Poem #308 – Sacred Symbols

2010-05-24T16:02:14-04:00May 24th, 2010|

From Show Low, Arizona Ancient symbols carved in rocks, Their meaning no one knows. But that they meant to worship In the different shapes, this shows. Sacred forms that carry on Repeating through the ages. You see them throughout nature And in your great books’ pages. Circles, spirals, triangles … [...]

Poem #307 – Living in the Now

2010-05-23T16:02:46-04:00May 23rd, 2010|

From Show Low, Arizona Peering into the future … What will happen you can only guess. Of the past you know so many things, But of the future far, far less. Why do you try to see it? What’s the treasure that lies there? When in this very moment Is [...]

Poem #306 – Reality

2010-05-22T16:03:23-04:00May 22nd, 2010|

From Gallup, New Mexico Sitting quietly on a hill You survey all that you do see. The sky it seems so vast – Stretching to eternity. But what is distance? But a measurement of space In a world of physical matter Where you speak of time and place. But what [...]

Poem #305 – Serendipity

2010-05-21T16:03:57-04:00May 21st, 2010|

From Albuquerque, New Mexico An unusual poem today, on a topic I believe we’ve seen before, but the unusual part is the pattern. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this … Serendipity … chance encounters, When two people meet. Who would have thought their paths would cross Just walking down [...]

Poem #304 – Enlightenment

2010-05-20T16:05:00-04:00May 20th, 2010|

From Santa Rosa, New Mexico Enlightenment … Do you see the word’s base? It has the power to transform The whole human race. Light is the basis Of all things that live. Without light things wither Light the Life Force does give. “Oh, fill me with light,” This is what [...]

Poem #304 – Enlightenment

2010-05-20T16:04:32-04:00May 20th, 2010|

From Santa Rosa, New Mexico Enlightenment … Do you see the word’s base? It has the power to transform The whole human race. Light is the basis Of all things that live. Without light things wither Light the Life Force does give. “Oh, fill me with light,” This is what [...]

Poem #303 – Cooperation

2010-05-19T16:05:37-04:00May 19th, 2010|

From Caprock Canyon in Quitaque, Texas Yesterday I was doing some writing and really wanted a poem to go with the theme. I discovered what I’d already learned – the Council of Poets are in charge! If I try, it just doesn’t work. I have to completely surrender, then they [...]

Poem #302 – What Lies Within

2010-05-18T16:06:09-04:00May 18th, 2010|

From Frisco, Texas, just north of Dallas Zebra stripes. Coloring of the skin. Simply ways to mask What lies there within. Are you black and white, Yellow, tan, or red? Or are you not the skin at all, But pure Love instead? What is this love That knows no separation? [...]

Poem #301 – Still With You

2010-05-17T16:06:49-04:00May 17th, 2010|

From Shreveport, LA (The first few lines of this poem refer to specific evidence I have received while giving a mediumistic reading – the first few stanzas are about my work as a medium, then they shift to a message from the loved ones, just as happens when I give [...]

Poem #300 – Respect

2010-05-16T16:07:26-04:00May 16th, 2010|

From Vicksburg, MS (300 poems!) A simple poem ‘Tis all you need. The question is simple: Why do you bleed? You’re given a body To experience pain. From life’s hardest lessons There’s much you can gain. Respect one another. Treat each other with care. There’s far greater growth When your [...]

Poem #299 – On Meditation

2010-05-15T16:08:04-04:00May 15th, 2010|

From Vicksburg, MS Sitting quietly by a river, The leaves go floating by… This is how to still the brain And see with your mind’s eye. Meditation’s not so difficult. Some make it harder than they must. It’s simply a matter of sitting still And in the Spirit placing your [...]

Poem #298 – The Light’s the Same

2010-05-14T16:08:42-04:00May 14th, 2010|

From Hattiesburg, MISS. Behold! A new and glorious day. What do you say To greet it? How will you meet it? With a smile? Will you sit a while, Or frown … Your lips turned down In a sneer. “Why are you here? Oh sun in the skies – So [...]

Poem #297 – Order

2010-05-13T16:09:22-04:00May 13th, 2010|

Received while sitting in the woods at Torreya State Park in Florida’s panhandle. Posted just east of Pensacola... All is in perfect order, Though this you often cannot see - The way things come together One by one so perfectly. When things they seem to go just right It’s because [...]

Poem #296 – Seize the Day

2010-05-12T16:10:07-04:00May 12th, 2010|

From The Villages, Florida, as we prepare to leave ... Seize the day. How does one do this? Grabbing at each moment To have a taste of bliss. Carpe diem – It’s a phrase that is quite old. But much truth lies there within it… If the truth be truly [...]

Poem #295 – Your Ever-Present Friend

2010-05-11T16:10:36-04:00May 11th, 2010|

Cry, my dear one. Let the tears just fall. Let them wash away your pain As my name you call. I’m with you in your darkest hour I hold your hand in mine. Filling you with love and light The light of the Divine. Just feel my arms around you. [...]

Poem #294 – Take Off Your Mask

2010-05-10T16:11:02-04:00May 10th, 2010|

All the world is like a clown. They laugh, but inside they’re crying. They make a joke to mask the pain But they feel no better for the trying. You do not see reality. You think you must project An image of the happy one. Your true feelings you protect. [...]

Poem #292 – The Greatest Ride of Your Life

2010-05-08T16:12:14-04:00May 8th, 2010|

Saddle up the horses. Get ready for the ride. Once you know the Presence There’s nowhere that you can hide. Then fly you will like Pegasus With wings upon your back. For with Spirit as your essence No longer will you lack. Have you no shoes upon your feet Nor [...]

Poem #291 – Giving Thanks

2010-05-07T16:12:46-04:00May 7th, 2010|

You fall to your knees and you pray But who, pray tell, do you thank? Are you merely a puppet that acts When upon your strings God does yank? You are mighty and strong as you are. There’s no need to request a great favor. The God-force flows through you [...]

Poem #290 – “In Spirit”

2010-05-06T16:13:17-04:00May 6th, 2010|

Relax. Sit and do nothing. Stop all the rushing, And breathe. Do you seek inspiration? Draw it in with your breath. It’s there in the very word: “In-spire.” Yet you tire From so little of this. Then you fail To find the bliss That comes when you do draw it [...]

Poem #289 – Forever

2010-05-05T16:14:42-04:00May 5th, 2010|

Forever is a long, long time A distance difficult to see. How long is “ever after”? What means “eternity?” You can only throw a stone so far Before it falls and stops. How can a thing go ceaselessly Like your Energizer Bunny hops? You go on without ceasing For one [...]

Poem #293 – Angels

2010-05-05T16:11:34-04:00May 5th, 2010|

Angels walk upon your earth Though this you may not recognize. They come in many shapes and forms – From small to large in size. Some may have wings, as in your art For this is how you view them. But others may be unremarkable But with a clear vibration [...]

Poem #288 – Taking Care of #1

2010-05-04T16:15:15-04:00May 4th, 2010|

Surviving on this planet Takes a great deal of strength, For you face a lot of challenges Which stretch you your full length. Your mind is stressed Your body, too From all these those things You feel you must do. But recognize, please The need for rest. You need not [...]

Poem #287 – The Nature of Time

2010-05-03T16:15:48-04:00May 3rd, 2010|

How quickly time does pass – One second here, then it is gone. When things are good it scurries by Though you hang tightly on. Yet when in pain or sorrow Time it seems to slow. You try to hurry through it, But there’s nowhere that you can go. The [...]

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