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Celebrate Truth

2010-12-31T12:59:00-05:00December 31st, 2010|

Wine serves a purpose. It pleases the palate when imbibed in moderation, but when too much is taken in, it does dull the very senses you aimed to please. Many bypass the palate in search of an anesthetic—a way to lessen the pain they experience from moment to moment. Life [...]

Fear Not

2010-12-30T12:53:00-05:00December 30th, 2010|

It is all very simple, this thing you call life, yet you make it so difficult. There is love and there is fear. That is all. Everything you do is a choice between the two. How hard is it to choose love? It only becomes hard when you let your [...]

Cleaning House

2010-12-29T13:45:00-05:00December 29th, 2010|

Bees buzz about your head and yet you stir not. How is this possible, when others react with utter fright? It is through the cleansing of the mind—clearing out the thoughts which no longer serve you well. Yes, of course it is good to be alerted when danger lurks, but [...]

The Spaces in Between

2010-12-28T13:28:00-05:00December 28th, 2010|

The grass grows tall and greenAnd in the spaces in betweenYou see lightWith great delight …… It is in the silence that you should delight as well. Your lives are filled with noise. What is noise, but the outward manifestation of vibration. What is vibration, but the creative manifestation of [...]

When You Grieve

2010-12-27T13:09:00-05:00December 27th, 2010|

Note: A neighbor passed to the the other side yesterday, and this was very much on my mind all night. I thought I had pushed it to the background while meditating, but Sanaya addressed it quite well ...One you know has passed from the physical body. She no longer breathes [...]

In This Moment

2010-12-26T11:52:00-05:00December 26th, 2010|

Each moment of your life you start anew. There is only now. Because of your perception of time, you do see it as a line traveling from a past with a beginning and hurtling forward into some unknown future. We ask you to change your perception. See life from the [...]

Christmas 2010

2010-12-25T12:49:00-05:00December 25th, 2010|

You look upon anotherAnd see naught but a faceOr perhaps a body shapeOr perhaps the race.But these are all just markers—Indicators of a type,Like the difference ‘tween a horse’s hairAnd a zebra’s dark, black stripe.Inside is where to look, my friend,To know the person true.Beyond the face and bodyEach one [...]


2010-12-24T13:10:00-05:00December 24th, 2010|

Note from Suzanne: It happened again … last night I went to pick up a book that I’d been reading, but I had the urge to start another that had arrived earlier in the day from Amazon. I finished the introduction of the new book and was ready to turn [...]

True Religion

2010-12-23T12:54:00-05:00December 23rd, 2010|

Much evil has been done in the name of religion. Unfortunate misinterpretations of the teachings of various masters and abuse of power did lead and still does lead to the opposite results of the true purpose of religion. People band together to share their joy and love at discovering the [...]

You Are That

2010-12-22T12:58:00-05:00December 22nd, 2010|

God is in your little finger.God fits there.God is in a mighty oak.God fits there, too.God is in your every cell.God fills your every hair.God courses through your arteries.God flows through all of you.There is nowhere that God is not, for God fills all things. God is not a limited [...]

*** First Cause

2010-12-21T12:50:00-05:00December 21st, 2010|

Note from Suzanne: At 2:30 this morning my husband and I got up and went outside to see the lunar eclipse. It was one of the most incredible sights I’ve ever witnessed. Gazing at the full, red moon, my heart was full as well. It was a spiritual moment for [...]


2010-12-20T11:56:00-05:00December 20th, 2010|

Where you place your focus is what you do bring into your life. Do you wish to live in a world with more peace and love? Focus on this. Look for this in the world. There are many among you who have not yet realized the power of focused attention. [...]

Chatter On!

2010-12-19T12:55:00-05:00December 19th, 2010|

So many of you complain that you cannot quiet the mind. You wish to sit in the silence, and for this we applaud you. There is no greater way to know your true nature and to commune with your Source. But it is true—you cannot go within and sense your [...]

Poem #387 – Get Out and Play!

2010-12-18T13:16:00-05:00December 18th, 2010|

Be as a child; this we say.Go out this day, have fun, and play.Too much time you spend inside.It’s as if you want to hide.But sun and light are good for you.As is clean grass that’s wet with dew.Get back to nature; get outdoorsEven when the rain it pours.For this [...]

Be Joyous!

2010-12-17T13:37:00-05:00December 17th, 2010|

We speak so often of your trials and challenges, but today we speak of joy. Be childlike in your actions and your thoughts. Children know best how to express joy, for they have not yet accepted the false beliefs and negative thought patterns that take you away from being your [...]

Poem #386 – In Times of Trouble

2010-12-16T14:01:00-05:00December 16th, 2010|

Sitting in a barber’s chairTo cut your hair …Do you knowWho else is there?The Great Designer …The one who knowsHow every hairOn your head it grows.He is the oneAware of you now.To solve all your worriesThis one knows how.Call on HimWhen troubles you have.He’ll coat your woundsWith his loving salve.He’ll [...]

Forged by Fire

2010-12-15T12:44:00-05:00December 15th, 2010|

Increase the temperature. Keep turning it up, for just as a roast cooks in the oven from the increased heat, you, too, toughen your skin by the same method. Of course we do not mean this literally, but we use this analogy to once again explain that you are forged [...]

Poem #385 – If You Could See Your Thoughts

2010-12-14T13:05:00-05:00December 14th, 2010|

There are many strains of viruses,All caused by different germs,And each does harm the healthy cellsIn no uncertain terms.Your thoughts are like these illnesses.They attack what’s well and good.You’d see they’re quite insidiousIf see your thoughts you could.And so you must be vigilantAnd not let your thoughts run wild.With firm [...]

Poem #384 – Love Thy Brother

2010-12-13T13:22:00-05:00December 13th, 2010|

Forsake not thy brother in times of trouble.Be there at his side.Love thy brother as thyself.Let him in your heart reside.Think not of self when others hurt.Do all you can to aid.And in this way you help yourself,For goodness always is repaid.You scratch one’s back, another yours.In this way all [...]

Finding True Love

2010-12-12T12:49:00-05:00December 12th, 2010|

Many times a couple does get together for the wrong reasons. They are attracted by physical desire--and there is nothing wrong with this--but then they do mistake their affection for each other for true love. The love they feel is quite often based on "How can you make me feel [...]

Poem #383 – Where Heaven Resides

2010-12-11T13:17:00-05:00December 11th, 2010|

Sing the praises of the heavensFor this very special placeCarries the promise of redemption--The way to save the human race.In this realm of love and lightExist the angels, true.And they wish nothing more in lifeThan to bring their love to you.They whisper often in your earYet you so rarely hear [...]

Heal Thyself

2010-12-10T12:10:00-05:00December 10th, 2010|

Medicines are your way of dealing with illness. They do play a quite helpful role in your world, but do understand they are a palliative measure and in many cases are not necessary. We do not advise you upon reading these words to cease your medications, merely to understand that [...]

Your Unseen Helpers

2010-12-09T12:24:00-05:00December 9th, 2010|

The voice you hear in your head you do accept as your own. But we are here to tell you that you are never alone. There is but one Consciousness in the world. Your individual mind is a focus of that one Divine Consciousness. The number of focuses is limitless, [...]

The Lovingest Number

2010-12-08T12:54:00-05:00December 8th, 2010|

You have a song in which it is stated that one is the loneliest number. This is a fallacy, when you do come to understand that all is one. There is but one Mind. All of you who feel so alone are but part and parcel of this Mind. And [...]

One Eye

2010-12-07T13:22:00-05:00December 7th, 2010|

Never forget who you are. By this we do not mean a person with a name and a title and an occupation with whom you identify so closely. This is not the real you. If you were to remove the words “I” and “my” from your vocabulary, you would begin [...]

You are the Light

2010-12-06T11:23:00-05:00December 6th, 2010|

Do you tire of all this talk of love? If so, then why bother to arise from your bed each morning? To learn to live as Love in every moment is your task whilst here on earth and in the hereafter. This task never goes away, nor does the love—merely [...]

Poem #382 – Part of the Grid

2010-12-05T12:18:00-05:00December 5th, 2010|

Surrender. Do not try so hard.For in the trying, Your greatest strength you disregard.It’s when you give up all the effortThat you do see great gains.For in releasing all the struggle,Naught but love remains.There is a great IntelligenceThat does control the world.It flows through everything that is,Like strands of taffy [...]

Be the Change

2010-12-04T12:38:00-05:00December 4th, 2010|

Millennia have passed since the passing of the one you call the Nazarene. He stood as a model to all of peace and loving kindness, and yet you still have wars. Mankind still fails to understand their oneness with each other and with all living things. Do not be discouraged, [...]

Your Built-In Barometer

2010-12-03T12:22:00-05:00December 3rd, 2010|

The eyes water, the mouth yawns, for emotion must escape somehow. When you hold inside you much pressure, it builds and builds. Will it escape in a harsh word? In the striking out of a hand? Or will it not escape at all, but consume your very cells? Recognize when [...]

Plug Yourself In

2010-12-02T12:38:00-05:00December 2nd, 2010|

Searching always for answers, you seek outside yourself, but there deep inside you there lies the knowledge that you seek. “But how can I know that which I have not been taught?” you ask. It is because you are connected supremely with all that is, all that will be, and [...]

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