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July 8, 2023

2023-08-03T01:05:08-04:00August 2nd, 2023|

Do you know the difference between a “spirit guide” and an “issue guide?” You’ll find the answer here directly from the spirit world. Hear wisdom from spirit on topics including reincarnation, spirit guides, and human evolution as Suzanne Giesemann channels a group of higher beings who call themselves, “Sanaya”. [...]


2022-11-03T07:48:14-04:00November 3rd, 2022|

Be cautious of labels when you use them for a grouping of people. Suddenly, all must conform in your mind to certain traits and characteristics. This you understand as stereotyping. Each human is a tapestry of unique traits, unique characteristics. What percentage of these put them under the labels [...]

Your Lifeline

2022-10-04T12:38:55-04:00October 4th, 2022|

They are not dead. The body is no more, but the heart and mind you know and love lives on. You know this in your heart. Some call this denial to insist they cannot die. All depends upon perspective. From the human point of view, the earthly experience in [...]

New Patterns

2022-10-03T10:16:02-04:00October 3rd, 2022|

You speak of unconditional love and say you know it. Yes, but do you practice it? We assure you we are aware how difficult it is when in the human role. That little thing another does that causes you to bristle. What if you were to use this as [...]

June 8, 2016

2022-09-25T03:35:26-04:00June 8th, 2016|

Click below to listen to the audio recording of a message delivered by Sanaya to the attendees at the annual conference of the Academy for Spirituality and Consciousness Studies in Chapel Hill, NC on June 8, 2016.  Note:  The recording starts in mid-sentence because the recorder delayed a bit.  [...]

A Year of Poems

2010-07-26T06:15:15-04:00July 26th, 2010|

After a full year of receiving daily spirit poetry, I have heard very clearly from the spirit world that it is time for "a new phase." This phase, I sense, involves sharing and teaching the messages that have come through so clearly in the poetry, both through my writing and [...]

Poem #369 – Imagine …

2010-07-20T06:42:48-04:00July 20th, 2010|

I was quite surprised to receive a poem this morning. I thought they had ended. Perhaps they won't come as regularly, but this one was very clear ... Imagine … a world of peace. Such release. Forever is a long time to wait. But this is not your fate. You [...]

Poem #368 – Moods

2010-07-20T06:38:55-04:00July 20th, 2010|

There may be times you’re crabby, Days you crawl into your shell. Days you sneer at all you see, When life’s a living Hell. When days like this occur to you, It’s best to just surrender. And if with others you must deal, Then do your best a smile to [...]

Poem #367 – You Are Eternal

2010-07-20T06:36:56-04:00July 20th, 2010|

Insane ideas … insanity … Thinking what you see is real. When, in actuality, You create by how you feel. What you see can change With just a change of view And suddenly the world you see Is not the world you knew. Why all this false perception? Why this [...]

Poem #366 – Rise Above the Ego

2010-07-20T06:35:59-04:00July 20th, 2010|

From Saunderstown, Rhode Island Guidance comes In answer to a prayer. Where once was desperation, Now hope is there … *** Do not get mired In the mud of your own fears. For this leads you down a path That can only end in tears. Lift your thoughts and rise— [...]

Poem #365 – No Two Alike

2010-07-20T06:16:38-04:00July 20th, 2010|

Today I give a heart full of gratitude to the spirit world for poem #365 … Differences—they stand out well. All people aren’t the same. And so you cast aspersions. You find a label with a name. “That person’s this; that one is that. Look how they aren’t like me!” [...]

Poem #364 – Finding Peace

2010-07-19T06:43:44-04:00July 19th, 2010|

From the Catskills, New York Serenity… Illusive for some. Wondering … When will peace come? Peace does not “come.” It lies always there. A gift quite special When the ego you spare. It’s the ego that rushes, The ego that worries, The ego that stresses That here and there scurries. [...]

Poem #363 – The Other Dimension

2010-07-18T06:45:34-04:00July 18th, 2010|

From Cuba, New York Your world is not so rigid. It is made not just of things. There's far more than what you see And what your sense perception to you brings. You live in two dimensions— The world of matter and of spirit. The latter is your second home [...]

Poem #362 – In the Flow

2022-10-01T05:24:42-04:00July 17th, 2010|

From Brocton, New York Have no doubts and have no fears For these do hold you back. It’s only from a lack of faith That you experience true lack. For what is faith, but knowing That goes beyond belief A deep inner conviction That always brings relief. So many sit [...]

Poem #361 – Step Beyond Your Borders

2010-07-16T06:47:42-04:00July 16th, 2010|

From Fayette, Ohio This poem requires a preface. Last night, my husband and I were poring over a map, trying to find the small town where some friends live. Neither of us could find the town. Then, I remembered something Anne Gehman did that I wrote about in “The Priest [...]

Poem #360 – Music of the Spheres

2010-07-15T06:48:39-04:00July 15th, 2010|

Sit back and hear the music— The music of the spheres … The sounds that bring you rapture The sounds that bring you tears. Vibrations of the cosmos Pure tones that burst with light They bring out your emotions And fill you with delight. The reason that fine music Can [...]

Poem #359 – Innocence

2010-07-14T06:49:20-04:00July 14th, 2010|

From Indian River, Michigan Sing a song of innocence— A song of times gone by. Go back to when as just a babe For love and food you’d cry. These basics still sustain you, For love and food you still do need. Any more than that is extra And all [...]

Poem #358 – Teachers

2010-07-13T06:50:06-04:00July 13th, 2010|

Teachers come in many forms, And when you least expect them. The lessons that they bring you Let you know you should respect them. Just when you think that all is well— That life is going fine. There comes a teacher in disguise As part of God’s design. The teacher [...]

Poem #357 – Beautiful Music

2010-07-12T06:50:49-04:00July 12th, 2010|

From Marquette, Michigan Listen. Listen if you can To the serenade of Spirit. At times it sings quite loudly At times so softly you can’t hear it. But always it is there For pure Spirit’s what you are. It’s only when you close the mind That you hear Spirit from [...]

Poem #356 – Always There

2010-07-11T06:51:28-04:00July 11th, 2010|

From rural northern Wisconsin Into every life There comes some strife. How you choose to deal with it is up to you. Will you crumble and collapse? Many fall into these traps, Feeling that they have no choice, Hearing not their inner voice. The Source of all your power In [...]

Poem #355 – See the Perfection

2010-07-10T06:52:16-04:00July 10th, 2010|

From Watertown, South Dakota See the great perfection In everything you do When you work in harmony With the Force that flows through you. It’s those who focus outward, Who see things out of sync. This is just an outcome Of the way their minds do think. They see the [...]

Poem #354 – There Inside You

2010-07-09T06:53:36-04:00July 9th, 2010|

From Jamestown, North Dakota In a world of pain and suffering, You might ask, “Why am I here?” The answer is quite basic: To be that which you hold most dear. What is it that you treasure? What brings your greatest joy? The Force that dwells inside you … The [...]

Poem #353 – Lessons

2010-07-08T06:54:18-04:00July 8th, 2010|

From Dickerson, North Dakota Hurry not to learn your lessons For your lessons never end. One by one they will continue With the messages they send. Life is all about the learning – A constant evolution. Your task is to accept the fact That you may not know the best [...]

Poem #352 – You Cant’ Take it With You

2010-07-07T06:55:16-04:00July 7th, 2010|

From Glendive, MT Share all that you have For nothing’s really yours. There’s only one thing that you take When you pass to heaven’s shores. It’s those who think belongings Are the things that matter most Who’ll find that when the time comes There’s little reason left to boast. Take [...]

Poem #351 – Rain and Sun

2010-07-06T06:57:01-04:00July 6th, 2010|

Rain will always fall As long as there is sky. For with the sun there always Will be clouds that pass on by. A mix of sun and rain Will always fill your days For this is how you come to know Your life in all its ways. All life [...]

Poem #350 – Boomerang

2010-07-05T06:58:15-04:00July 5th, 2010|

Love and understanding … This is what all seek to find. Yet in seeking for these things, A mask they hide behind. To find that which you seek, Then that you must display And then these things will flow to you In an unceasing way. It is one of nature’s [...]

Poem #349 – True Prayer

2010-07-04T06:59:43-04:00July 4th, 2010|

Be quite thankful for all you have. Make a long, long list. Recite it as a prayer each day – Why you’re grateful to exist. Then in this state of gratitude Feel the thanks for what’s to come. For this is how to activate Those things that aren’t yet won. [...]

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