Today I give a heart full of gratitude to the spirit world for poem #365 …

Differences—they stand out well.
All people aren’t the same.
And so you cast aspersions.
You find a label with a name.

“That person’s this; that one is that.
Look how they aren’t like me!”
And through these clouded lenses
The real one you fail to see.

Some may be poor, some may be rich.
Some may not have the schooling.
But placing labels on them
You do pronounce your ruling.

Thus blinded by your judgments
You close off your own heart.
And thus you never see
The other person’s greatest part.

For underneath the actions
And there beneath the talk,
You all share the self-same essence—
With Spirit you do walk.

Remove all of your labels.
Clean the dust off of your lens,
And love will be your great reward
Once thus your soul you cleanse.