From Brocton, New York

Have no doubts and have no fears
For these do hold you back.

It’s only from a lack of faith
That you experience true lack.

For what is faith, but knowing
That goes beyond belief
A deep inner conviction
That always brings relief.

So many sit and worry
That they have not enough
That what they want won’t come to them,
That life is always tough.

It’s those who set aside the worry,
Those who banish all the doubt
Who find that resting in the Truth
Does bring their dreams about.

What’s the Source of this perfection?
What’s this Truth of which we speak?
It’s the oneness of the Universe,
Of both the mighty and the meek.

When you realize you’re part of this
And step into the flow
Then Spirit guides your every step
And then perfection you do know.

Then synchronicity is common.
Coincidence is all around.
No longer do you doubt and fear
For the Truth you’ve finally found.