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Poem #18 The Part of You That’s True

2009-07-31T06:06:14-04:00July 31st, 2009|

Begin anew with pen in hand… Forever is a long time For those who view the world with limits. Happy are we to share with thee These truths. You see such a small part Of this great big world There’s so much more beyond the sight Before time began Long [...]

Poem #17 The Only Weapon We Need

2009-07-30T06:09:20-04:00July 30th, 2009|

I invited the spirits and immediately felt a new presence. I asked, “Are you new?” and my head bobbed up and down in a resounding “yes.” I feel it was a male, and he experimented with my energy for a few minutes, moving my head back and forth, up and [...]

Poem #16 The Summerland Awaits

2009-07-29T06:12:10-04:00July 29th, 2009|

Contrary to what you know Things in heaven do not grow They just appear From far and near. For it’s a world of thought Sturdy things have we not. But love it grows Its face it shows In every spirit’s eyes It comes as a surprise To those who arrive [...]

Poem #15 Fog of the Mind

2009-07-28T06:15:00-04:00July 28th, 2009|

Fog of the mind Mist on the water Clutter the thoughts… Hereafter are you safe Benign’s the place Where time Unwinds In our minds Forever ... So long it seems to you A blink of an eye for us. Time has no constraints Here among the saints Those who’ve gone [...]

Poem #14 The Play of Life

2009-07-27T06:20:23-04:00July 27th, 2009|

Delve into realms of heaven on earth You’ve known them from your birth They start in infancy and set the stage As you age. Barefoot you toddle Step and waddle Slowly you grow And then you know That all the world’s a stage Here on earth Not a day goes [...]

Poem #13 The Role of a Lifetiime

2009-07-26T06:21:53-04:00July 26th, 2009|

Friends … lovers … and many others These our words should heed In times of need … Care not for things of value Money, silver, power… These come and go As you know They all turn sour. Carve a line Cut it fine Resist the call Of all That shines [...]

Poem #12 Disease of the Mind

2009-07-25T06:23:18-04:00July 25th, 2009|

I write: “Many twitches in left hand today.” (unusual, it’s usually the right) I immediately hear: Different man #12. 25JUL09 Disease of the mind Comes from thoughts not in tune. Beware when there inside From love you hide. Gone are the days When through the haze We look and seek to [...]

The Spirit World Comes Through

2009-07-23T06:32:54-04:00July 23rd, 2009|

Today the spirit world came through in a big way – for a new friend of mine named Lola. They came through during a reading with a medium who is one of the very best by far (in my humble opinion), and gave Lola the much needed evidence that her [...]

Poem #10 Why are Children Hurt by Others?

2009-07-23T06:31:48-04:00July 23rd, 2009|

A friend wondered if I could ask the spirit world a question today. They'd told me that they would give me the words I needed to know, yet I felt compelled to ask my friend's question so I asked it: "Why are children abused - sexually, physically? They have no [...]

The Ninth Poem The Beauty Inside Us

2009-07-22T06:35:24-04:00July 22nd, 2009|

I meditated early today before a full day of motoring in light winds. Had to connect with these wonderful spirits before starting the loud engine for the next 6 hours. I entered the blessed silence right away. The feeling of peace is addictive. Today I felt my eyelids fluttering (closed [...]

The Eighth Poem No Need for Fighting

2009-07-21T06:37:27-04:00July 21st, 2009|

Last night I met with Nancy Gratta, the woman who predicted this whole new way of communication for me. She confirmed what I've been sensing - that there's a whole group coming through, as evidenced by the different styles and messages each time. Today is a perfect case in point [...]

The Seventh Poem Nothing Lasts for Long

2009-07-19T06:40:22-04:00July 19th, 2009|

Open the door Step right through All the world is waiting for you. Time is the same as memory Hidden there, where none can see ... Pieces of a puzzle, small bits of string, Odds and ends of things … Baubles, jewels, the stuff of life Matter little. Place your [...]

Thoughts About the Poems

2009-07-19T06:38:25-04:00July 19th, 2009|

While cleaning out my tote bag last night after a very special day with the Open Doors Classroom group, I came across notes I’d written the week before at the Angels by the Sea book store. If you haven’t read about the message given to me that night by store [...]

The Sixth Poem Two Can Be the Same as Three

2009-07-18T06:42:29-04:00July 18th, 2009|

Today I paused to meditate shortly in the car before going inside to give my presentation for the Open Doors Classroom in Quincy, MA. I didn’t expect to receive a poem because I felt a bit rushed. My brain settled right down and I felt the unmistakable lightness and presence [...]

The Fifth Poem The Sins of Man

2009-07-16T06:44:15-04:00July 16th, 2009|

This session had a totally different feel. I sensed a female spirit at first, then I experienced a very clear shift in energy as a male presence that felt very much like a Native American blended with my energy. The words I heard next left no doubt that this was [...]

The Fourth Poem The Answer to the Riddle

2009-07-15T06:46:07-04:00July 15th, 2009|

Father, mother, all are we in harmony. We seek to find receptive minds to share … The light that blinds my eyes It comes not from the skies ‘Tis but a glimpse of love’s great force That ‘ere the mighty winds that blow Across the desert with a purpose none [...]

The Third Poem The Divinity of the Soul

2009-07-14T06:47:19-04:00July 14th, 2009|

This, in my opinion, is the most beautiful poem so far. The rhythm and rhyming and the overall feel is totally different. The process of receiving the words was the same (see the entry: "The Poetry Begins") Please feel free to leave your comments and interpretations. 14JUL09 Foremost in our [...]

The Second Poem What’s the Rush?

2009-07-13T06:48:30-04:00July 13th, 2009|

Okay, we're on to something here ... I sat down this morning to meditate, hoping I would have a similar experience as yesterday. They didn't let me down. Once again, the words flowed. The following is exactly as it came out. No re-writes. No long pauses, because there was no [...]

The First Poem

2022-09-20T15:56:19-04:00July 12th, 2009|

The following poem is verbatim what I wrote on my notepaper, except that for this transcription I have added punctuation and formatting. In a light altered state, I wrote the words that I heard in my mind with eyes closed after asking the questions: "What can you tell me about [...]

The Poetry Begins

2009-07-12T06:50:46-04:00July 12th, 2009|

On Saturday, July 11th, I gave a workshop at the Angels by the Sea gift shop in Plymouth, MA. Afterwards, shop owner Nancy Gratta asked me to have a seat so she could share something with me. Nancy told me that during my presentation, her spirit guides had told her [...]

The First Poem

2009-07-12T06:49:38-04:00July 12th, 2009|

Please read the entry entitled "The Poetry Begins" before reading this poem. The following poem is verbatim what I wrote on my notepaper, except that for this transcription I have added punctuation and formatting. In a light altered state, I wrote the words that I heard in my mind with [...]

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