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2011-06-30T13:06:00-04:00June 30th, 2011|

What happens when you have a lack of trust?  You do close yourself off from another.  You shut down your radiations of love and loving thoughts.  Know it or not, the other does sense this at the level of spirit.  On a human level, this distrust is sensed through the [...]


2011-06-29T13:10:00-04:00June 29th, 2011|

Hurricanes … storms of great strength and fury which wreak havoc on the physical world … yet do you not name an alcoholic drink after the hurricane as well?  This is a bit of a joke in your world, to name a thing after another—for can the drink not be [...]

Along the Path

2011-06-28T13:09:00-04:00June 28th, 2011|

You are never quite the same once you begin your spiritual journey.  Once you open your mind to possibilities greater than yourself, these possibilities become reality.  You discover there is a God.  You discover you are greater than you ever imagined.  You discover you are connected at the level of [...]

Love in Action

2011-06-27T12:43:00-04:00June 27th, 2011|

Have we not told you that you are never alone?  And yet you walk about feeling lonely.  You do turn your music up loud so as not to feel so alone.  Why do you crave the presence of others?  This is understandable, and not a cause for guilt.  Life is [...]

Life in Focus

2011-06-26T13:55:00-04:00June 26th, 2011|

Note from Suzanne:  Heading into Canada today for a week or so.  Posting Sanaya's messages will be dependent on finding a location with WIFI ... please check back if she hasn't been posted when you log in.  Be well!   Your experiences are always a matter of focus.  What is [...]

How Many Ways

2011-06-25T12:49:00-04:00June 25th, 2011|

How many ways can you say, “I love you?” How many words can cross your lips? How many ways can you form your hands and arms into instruments of love, be they used for a caress, a hug, or to carry a heavy load? This body you’ve been given exists [...]


2011-06-24T12:55:00-04:00June 24th, 2011|

Celery sticks … perhaps you do not like them, for to you they taste bland.  Yet others do enjoy their texture and flavor.  Why do you use celery in your soups and stews, but for flavoring?  A useful dietary tool is this celery, for it is healthy, yet adds few [...]

Poem #409 The All

2011-06-23T13:07:00-04:00June 23rd, 2011|

I am the bird that singsAnd I am the songAnd I will continue to singAll day and night longFor I am foreverI go not awayLike the sun that does riseAt the dawn of each dayI am not here to worshipI do not want your desireI wish you only to knowThat [...]


2011-06-22T13:35:00-04:00June 22nd, 2011|

Note from Suzanne:  For the next few weeks my Internet access may be sporadic.  I will post Sanaya daily, if possible, but it may not always be first thing in the morning.  ... and about today's post:  When I received the message about "pickles" a few days back (June 19th [...]

Where it all Begins

2011-06-21T11:58:00-04:00June 21st, 2011|

Climb to the top of the highest mountain.  There shout into the air your greatest desire.  Do you think it will be heard better from these heights?  My friend, we wish to tell you that your greatest desires can be whispered under the covers in your bed where no one [...]


2011-06-20T12:24:00-04:00June 20th, 2011|

Forever is a long time in your limited thinking.  But forever has nothing to do with time.  It is time which has limits.  It is Spirit which is limitless.  Spirit exists everywhere at once.  In such a state, there is no time or place.  Spirit simply IS, and you are [...]

Sweet or Sour

2011-06-19T11:39:00-04:00June 19th, 2011|

Pickles … a strange word to hear in your meditation … but what are they?  Fine vegetables mixed with a bit of vinegar or perhaps a bit of sugar, to create a pungent taste which some enjoy.  All beings have different tastes.  Some like sour, some sweet.  These you derive [...]

Your Role in the Drama

2011-06-18T12:15:00-04:00June 18th, 2011|

How many roles do you play?  Count them some time.  You may be surprised.  Do you consider yourself a mother or father?  A daughter or son?  A boss, a teacher, a retired person of leisure?  A caretaker?  These roles you play do change from day to day and moment by [...]

Love and Light

2011-06-17T12:43:00-04:00June 17th, 2011|

All colors become one in white light.  Why do you speak of love and light together?  Love is all there is, and all of the colors you perceive are held within the light.  You speak of the "spark of the Divine" within you as Light, and it is the perfect [...]

Character Building

2011-06-16T11:38:00-04:00June 16th, 2011|

Note from Suzanne:  In the past couple of weeks a group of friends and I have been discussing what may be considered some of the more "far out" New Age concepts.  It has been an interesting process of discernment (how does it FEEL?) as we stretch our beliefs and comfort [...]

Crawl Under the Blankets

2011-06-15T12:21:00-04:00June 15th, 2011|

You can practice awareness and loving-kindness every moment, making every moment of your existence sacred.  Be ever mindful of your thoughts.  Are they as high as they can be, or do they drag you down?  Are you seeing your brothers and sisters with compassion and empathy, or as separate beings [...]

Go With The Flow

2011-06-14T12:16:00-04:00June 14th, 2011|

Change comes slowly for some and like a speeding train for others, but always it arrives.  All of life is about the process of change.  Those who accept this and adapt do thrive.  Those who fight it and dig in their heels do suffer.  There is only one thing that [...]

A New Outlook

2011-06-13T12:36:00-04:00June 13th, 2011|

Do you feel trapped in your circumstances?  You can always run away.  "Oh, I could not do that!" you say, for you are aware of circumstances.  This shows you have a heart.  You do not wish to hurt others by taking selfish action.  You also fear change.  These thoughts and [...]

Climbing out of a Rut

2011-06-12T11:06:00-04:00June 12th, 2011|

What happens when you get in a rut?  You try to dig yourself out.  You spin your wheels, getting no traction, and you just dig in deeper.  You get discouraged and give up, and there you do remain, falling deeper and deeper into despair.  You need a lift out.  How [...]

If … Then

2011-06-11T10:20:00-04:00June 11th, 2011|

There is no "If … then" with God.  There is nothing you need do nor promise in order to get what you need.  You need not bargain with your Maker.  Do you not realize that you are one with God?  You are the One Eternal Mind expressing Itself in this [...]

Poem #408 At Your Beck and Call

2011-06-10T11:08:00-04:00June 10th, 2011|

Gather your wits about you … What exactly does this mean? To make sense of what you see And the spaces in between.   You do never know as much As the mind will make you think And so for far more wisdom From Spirit's font do you now drink. [...]

The Heart of the Soul

2011-06-09T11:54:00-04:00June 9th, 2011|

Straight to the heart, a jolt flows, making you start.  Why this connection between your heart and others', when the heart is just a pump—a physical organ?  Because, my friend, it is not the physical heart that jumps—it is the heart of the soul, which just happens to have its [...]

All There Is

2011-06-08T12:23:00-04:00June 8th, 2011|

Love is all there is. Love is all there is. Love is all there is. Your famous Beatles did sing these phrases, did they not? Is this but a trite phrase in overuse or a spiritual truth? You live in a world with fear, hatred, and evil, so how can [...]

Fine Tuning

2011-06-07T12:05:00-04:00June 7th, 2011|

“Make me your instrument” you pray. You ask this with the sincere desire to serve, and this is most laudable, but please realize that in order to be the perfect instrument, you must learn the art of surrender. The will is a wonderful gift from the Creator, but it does [...]

Hills and Mountains

2011-06-06T11:48:00-04:00June 6th, 2011|

There is no magic pill to take away your pain … no instant solution to your ills and problems. Why do you think you are here, but to build your character by surmounting your problems? If the road was always flat and straight, you would grow indolent and lazy … [...]

Always Linked

2011-06-04T12:04:00-04:00June 4th, 2011|

People who come in and out of your life, if only for a brief moment, are there for your growth—your soul’s evolution. Some you may know a lifetime. Others you may fixate upon for a few years, or perhaps a shorter period, but oh, the changes they do bring about [...]


2011-06-03T11:57:00-04:00June 3rd, 2011|

“Get in touch with your feelings”—what does this mean? How can you not know what you are feeling? It is quite simple … those feelings that are at the so-called “negative” end of the spectrum are of such a low vibration that you will do whatever it takes to cover [...]

Your Inner Voice

2011-06-02T15:37:00-04:00June 2nd, 2011|

That voice you hear in your head is your own, but it is also the Voice of God. Have we not told you countless times that there is only One Mind? You seem surprised when after much effort in the form of prayer and meditation and asking for guidance suddenly [...]

Is All Just Science?

2011-06-01T12:01:00-04:00June 1st, 2011|

Note from Suzanne: I just finished reading a wonderful book called, “My Stroke of Insight” by Jill Bolte Taylor. When the left hemisphere of her brain was severely damaged by stroke, Dr. Taylor, a neurologist, experienced a different reality through her right hemisphere. She experienced herself as “fluid”. She experienced [...]

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