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2021-12-31T08:13:07-05:00December 31st, 2021|

The end of yet another cycle.  It is an agreed-upon cycle of your civilization based upon the movement of your planet in relation to the sun.  It is time to honor the grand Intelligence that holds the planets in place.  Understand that there is not an external force monitoring the [...]

One Source

2021-12-30T08:10:44-05:00December 30th, 2021|

Death is not the end.  Yes, of course, it is a definition of the end of the functioning of a physical body, but do not equate that which animates the body with the body itself.  The body is the outer covering, the temporary suit for the Spirit that lives eternally [...]

A Missive for You

2021-12-29T08:09:19-05:00December 29th, 2021|

What is a missive?  Perhaps you know the word from your older language.  It is a message with a purpose.  It is delivered with importance and carries greater meaning than most.  Why do you think we end our messages each day with the phrase you cannot hear too often?  For [...]

In Harmony

2021-12-28T08:26:34-05:00December 28th, 2021|

The music of angels.  That is what you call tunes that speak to the heart, that give you a soaring feeling.  Why is this?  For yours is a universe of harmony beneath what can at times seem like chaos.  Certain combinations of tones hold you in remembrance of the fact [...]

With Compassion

2021-12-27T08:03:37-05:00December 27th, 2021|

You cannot begin to know another’s pain, another’s sorrow, another’s motive while you stay in judging mode.  Yes, it is the human way to compare, so compare how you act when you are hurting with how you act when you care about the self.  Know that you are capable of [...]


2021-12-26T08:25:19-05:00December 26th, 2021|

You got through the holidays.  Of course you did.  And how are you feeling?  If you will be very kind to yourself and examine closely your thoughts, you will understand why you are now feeling peaceful or as if you had been beaten and battered.  You do not need to [...]


2021-12-25T08:00:38-05:00December 25th, 2021|

If, on this day, Christ Consciousness, also known as Unity Consciousness, is born and flourishes within your heart, you will have received the greatest gift of all.  With this awareness, you come to know yourself as a direct expression of the Source of all connection.  As such, you see the [...]

Round and Round

2021-12-23T08:08:39-05:00December 23rd, 2021|

Why are you fascinated with kaleidoscopes?  You look through a lens, turn a tube, and the view changes over and over. Beautiful colors are revealed in ever changing patterns.  Do you not see?  This is how Source is playing out through you!  This earthly experience is the kaleidoscope of Creation, [...]

One Team

2021-12-22T07:56:02-05:00December 22nd, 2021|

Competition has its benefits.  It helps you to grow and strengthen your skills, but it also has its drawbacks.  There are winners and losers, and yet, have you not watched your sports competitions and known that all are winners?  For a while you set aside this awareness until one outplays [...]


2021-12-21T08:11:10-05:00December 21st, 2021|

Do not underestimate the power of fields.  These are areas of energetic influence that hold specific patterns of behavior, thoughts, and experiences.  You would know your own field as your aura.  As a field of energy, yourself, you are constantly intermingling with the fields of others.  This interaction is so [...]


2021-12-20T07:53:00-05:00December 20th, 2021|

By design you do not see the same way that others do.  By design, you are different.  Where is the growth if all think, and see, and react the same?  Creativity arises from chaos.  Beneath it all is a natural impulse to grow, not to wither.  Keep this in mind [...]

Point of View

2021-12-19T08:11:25-05:00December 19th, 2021|

You are the eyes of God.  You are the lips, the hands, the toes, the voice.  What is God?  Your image of this word determines how you will see life.  Are you a puppet or participant?  A victim or a co-creator?  A pawn or a pioneer?  Powerful beyond measure is [...]


2021-12-18T07:55:57-05:00December 18th, 2021|

“They earned their wings.”  This is an expression used to denote a great honor.  It applies to those in the military who have qualified to work on or in aircraft.  It also applies to one who has acted in a way that is somehow angelic.  Why do angels have wings?  [...]


2021-12-17T07:56:05-05:00December 17th, 2021|

They are doing the best they can, those others you may find yourself judging.  Can you put yourself in their shoes?  Some people cannot, you know.  They have not had enough lifetimes to fully understand the human condition.  If you can empathize greatly with others, understanding the lack of control [...]

Into Eternity

2021-12-16T08:00:40-05:00December 16th, 2021|

You have two choices when you write with an instrument other than your keyboard:  You can print individual letters or you can allow each letter to flow one into another in what you know as cursive writing.  You do not lift your pen, save in between words, but even the [...]

As Appropriate

2021-12-15T07:58:34-05:00December 15th, 2021|

Where do you think the desire to lash out comes from?  The body is hardwired to protect itself from a danger.  Could it be that in the past you faced an actual danger to your safety or survival and now you continue to protect yourself out of fear of a [...]

Know This

2021-12-14T07:21:37-05:00December 14th, 2021|

Self-love.  It is such a powerful tool. “A tool?” you ask, and we emphasize it is so.  You wish to know how to feel contentment, how to stop rushing about doing, doing, doing, how to cease cravings and ravings of any kind?  Self-love will do it.  What is it most [...]

Already Whole

2021-12-13T07:55:29-05:00December 13th, 2021|

Do you want to be more spiritual?  You could not be more spiritual than you are now as you inhabit a body.  Everything that you do and say is spiritual, for you cannot separate your humanness from the soul.  The soul incarnated as you to experience the fullness of being [...]


2021-12-11T07:59:30-05:00December 11th, 2021|

You are all connected. “How can this be?” you ask, so focused on the self that you do not see the ties that bind you.  Nothing happens in isolation, most especially not the thoughts that arise unbidden one after another in the mind. It is not “your” mind as you [...]

The Game

2021-12-10T07:58:35-05:00December 10th, 2021|

It is a game you are playing with each other.  A game played by souls playing out roles.  The soul knows you are all united.  It knows you are the Light dancing with shadows.  The role gets caught up in itself at times, even to the point of being afraid [...]

Without Thinking

2021-12-09T08:20:46-05:00December 9th, 2021|

You press pause on your player and the music stops.  Instant silence.  Would but that you could do the same for the chattering that goes on in the mind.  Do you realize how much of the thoughts you listen to each day are habitual?  Ah yes, and how many of [...]

All One

2021-12-08T07:29:48-05:00December 8th, 2021|

Threads in one carpet.  That’s what you are … all 7 billion of you. And perhaps you are represented by one color of thread whilst the animal kingdom is another, and the plants another.  But do not stop with what you know here through the bodily senses.  Perhaps those who [...]

In Your Pocket

2021-12-07T07:44:02-05:00December 7th, 2021|

Your cellular phone.  It has become your companion.  You rarely leave home without it.  It provides answers, information, connection.  Oh my, what did you do before you had technology?  You thought you had to do it all on your own.  Life was more challenging.  Oh my. If only you knew that [...]


2021-12-06T07:39:09-05:00December 6th, 2021|

The message of the day is:  Love heals.  Yes, it makes a difference when you send love to another from your heart center.  Energy flows where consciousness goes.  But what about yourself? You benefit greatly from allowing that flow to go from your heart center to all areas of your [...]

No Matter What

2021-12-05T08:29:48-05:00December 5th, 2021|

Do you have trouble forgiving yourself for something done in the past?  Then you are not able to see yourself as the soul does.  You are not only human.  Yes, the human part of you does things and says things that are hurtful.  This is both instinctual and learned behavior.  [...]

Eternally …

2021-12-04T08:07:22-05:00December 4th, 2021|

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but you may not be feeling full of jolly.  Perhaps you’re mourning the death of one you hold dear.  You cry for you no longer feel them near.  We have news that you are meant to hear; it cancels out your greatest fear:  Your [...]

The Process

2021-12-03T08:44:17-05:00December 3rd, 2021|

You are relieved when a project is over.  There is a sense of completion and a feeling of freedom now that you no longer have that hanging over the head.  Now what?  Do you feel the excitement?  What will you do with this blank canvas?  You need not start filling [...]

Finding Joy

2021-12-02T08:02:07-05:00December 2nd, 2021|

Do you find joy in your work?  Perhaps you only do it for the safety and security the salary provides.  There is still Joy present.  It can be no other way.  Can you find this underlying Presence?  How are you serving?  Interactions with others is one of your greatest opportunities [...]

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