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2016-03-31T07:27:30-04:00March 31st, 2016|

Certain people are sent into your life for a purpose.  Yes, sent.  What you may think is an accident or happenstance was the result of gentle nudges or mighty pushes from above.  There is far more intervention in your life from across the veil than you think.  Whose thoughts are [...]

Embrace It

2016-03-30T08:36:53-04:00March 30th, 2016|

Square Knot Tied In Rope Close up...A05509 Square Knot Tied In Rope Close up Childhood hurts … you all have them … wounds you carry around, some buried so deeply inside that at a conscious level you remain unaware of them, but they rise to the surface when [...]

In Concert

2016-03-29T08:35:22-04:00March 29th, 2016|

You are an instrument … a finely tuned instrument of Spirit.  You can play a solo tune if you wish and make a beautiful sound, but you can also play in concert with others.  Those who always focus on the solo aspects of playing miss out on the depth of [...]

The Law

2016-03-27T07:18:51-04:00March 27th, 2016|

Some of you try to fit as much as you can into the time you have here, for you think time is limited.  Be aware of the law of balance.  When you overdo it, the law is unbending.  There must be compensation in the form of fatigue or physical damage [...]

Over and Over

2016-03-26T06:46:07-04:00March 26th, 2016|

Reinforced … that is what happens whenever you perform an act and it is rewarded.  This is the reptilian brain in the human—the oldest, most vestigial part, designed for survival, and it does its job quite well.  But does it serve the more developed parts of you?  Does it also [...]


2016-03-25T07:44:03-04:00March 25th, 2016|

A Christ:  one who knows himself to be an aspect of the One Many of you harken back to the olden days of your youth with wistful fondness.  You did not live with terror as you have it now, but you did have it on a grand scale in the [...]


2016-03-24T07:30:44-04:00March 24th, 2016|

When humans say hurtful things, they have pain inside.  Is there pain inside of you?  The less pain you experience, the less you are identifying with the human aspect of you, and the more with the soul.  The more you identify with yourself as spirit, the less others’ hurtful words [...]

Stand for Love

2016-03-23T09:24:42-04:00March 23rd, 2016|

We wish you to not be discouraged.  Did you truly expect all human acts of violence to cease?  This would be unnatural.  You live in a world governed by natural law.  We are not saying that killing and violence is natural.  Not at all.  We are saying that certain patterns [...]


2016-03-22T06:24:50-04:00March 22nd, 2016|

Newness … it is not just a thing, but a feeling.  Why is this?  For all is energy, and you become accustomed to the vibration of the things and locations around you.  When you enter a new home or stay in an unfamiliar lodge, the vibration is not familiar.  This [...]

No Drama

2016-03-21T08:09:42-04:00March 21st, 2016|

Can you remain calm in the face of chaos?  Yes, of course you can.  It is always a choice, and it always comes back to programming.  There are many situations in the human drama to which you have learned to react with panic.  You see this panic around you, or [...]


2016-03-19T07:32:11-04:00March 19th, 2016|

Om is the carrier wave.  It is the one vibration with which you will always be in resonance when you are in a state of Love awareness … aware of your divinity, needing nothing from anyone outside of yourself, merely being that which your soul has always been.  When you [...]


2016-03-18T07:23:42-04:00March 18th, 2016|

Choose or refuse … two words in your language which sound alike, but whose meanings carry completely different vibrations.  When you refuse to do or consider something, you have dug your heels in.  You are now in black and white, either-or mode.  You have blocked out alternatives.  Can you feel [...]

Why Worry?

2016-03-17T06:59:36-04:00March 17th, 2016|

Worry does not change an outcome.  Attention as the result of intention is far more beneficial.  Worry can so easily escalate, causing you to lose sight of options and to not hear or feel your inner guidance.  Is your mind racing?  Then you are in full human mode.  The soul [...]

Give and Take

2016-03-16T08:03:29-04:00March 16th, 2016|

Is it asking too much of you?  Once again, go to your heart, but do not give until it hurts.  There are those who will give and give and give, and those who will take and take, not always from malice or greed, but because gifts are so special.  For [...]


2016-03-15T06:53:48-04:00March 15th, 2016|

“I’m just not myself today,” you exclaim.  And so, we ask you, whose self have you inherited?  We say this only partly in jest.  If you know peace, if you know joy, and you have worked out most of your blockages, perhaps you are blocked by another’s energy.  Close proximity [...]

The Leap

2016-03-14T07:37:40-04:00March 14th, 2016|

Be willing to take a leap of faith.  “But I do not know what to do … how to answer!” you cry when asked to do something or answer something with which you have no experience.  What if you were to see this challenge as a great opportunity to put [...]


2016-03-13T08:39:41-04:00March 13th, 2016|

You pat someone on the knee for reassurance.  In that instant you have transferred a most important vibration.  It is felt as love, as caring, as kindness, as a sign that you care.  A human lost in their concerns soaks up this vibration like a thirsty sponge.  And yet, so [...]

March 6, 2016

2022-09-17T22:38:20-04:00March 12th, 2016|

Unity of The Villages -  U.S. elections coming up - separation/oneness- consciousness of nations-reincarnation - vortexes on the earth plane - telepathic coversation - Course in Miracles] Click Here for Transcript Click Here for Audio

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Still There

2016-03-12T07:41:20-05:00March 12th, 2016|

A necklace that you wear … a lock of your loved one’s hair.  Reminders that their love’s still there.  So many ways you have to keep the memories alive, as in your head their thoughts do thrive.  Where have they gone, the ones you mourn?  Back to their former Home [...]

Who and Why

2016-03-11T07:49:52-05:00March 11th, 2016|

Who do you love?  And why?  The answers to these two questions tell you much about love.  There is human love and divine love—different expressions of the same thing, for Love is all there is, but there is a difference, is there not?  It comes down to remembering Who You [...]

A Notice About Suzanne’s Mediumship Classes

2016-03-11T06:43:08-05:00March 11th, 2016|

Hello, my dear friends!  Yesterday I sent out an email that I am going to start teaching mediumship, begininng with a two day introductory course in The Villages, Florida and St. Louis, Missouri.  The response was unexpectedly overwhelming and both classes filled immediately.  If you have ever tried to sign [...]

Through the Darkness

2016-03-10T07:56:55-05:00March 10th, 2016|

You look upon a body in a coffin and you despair.  You think it is the end.  But that beautiful vessel that you worshipped—with good reason—was solely a dwelling for the aspect of that person you loved.  Could that essence die?  You know in your heart it could not.  And [...]

Being the Presence

2016-03-09T07:11:53-05:00March 9th, 2016|

What is a scrooge?  In your lore it is one who is a bit grumpy, who smiles little, and who brings discouragement to every endeavor.  Why would one be a scrooge?  It is learned behavior, brought on by how one was treated, what one was raised to believe, and a [...]

The Junk Drawer

2016-03-08T07:02:52-05:00March 8th, 2016|

Is there not a drawer or closet in your dwelling place into which you place your odds and ends for which there is no other place?  In there are things for which you think you may have a need at some future time, with which you cannot bear to part.  Why [...]

‘Til it Hurts?

2016-03-07T07:56:25-05:00March 7th, 2016|

Gift box in female hands Giving, giving, giving.  Why do you do it?  At times because your heart so overflows that you want to share that flow with others.  At times because you want something in return.  Two sides of a coin again, is it not?  Do you [...]

High Vibrations

2016-03-06T08:50:03-05:00March 6th, 2016|

Be cautious when dealing with others who radiate lower energy.  It is quite easy for the human to lower their own energy to match that of others.  Before you know it, you are saying things you would not normally say, walking in step with those who do now know Love [...]

Soft as Fleece

2016-03-05T07:09:32-05:00March 5th, 2016|

There is power, and there is Power.  One is of the ego, the other of God … of Spirit.  You HAVE an ego, but you ARE an expression of Spirit, therefore you ARE Spirit.  You are not the ego.  Any human power that you seek or believe that you have [...]


2016-03-04T14:30:19-05:00March 4th, 2016|

“Catch me!  I feel as if I’m falling!” you cry to Spirit, and in that moment of recognition that you have allowed yourself to get out of balance, fall some more.  The slightest shift as you fall will take you from falling off center to falling into the arms of [...]

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