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Poem #345 – Light and Shadows

2010-06-30T15:30:42-04:00June 30th, 2010|

From Missoula, Montana All the world’s a shadow - A reflection of the Light Where that which shines most brightly Is often hid from sight. The world of matter is the clouds Which Spirit hides behind. And there beyond the wispy mist The rainbow you will find… The full spectrum [...]

Poem #344 – The True Test

2010-06-29T15:32:22-04:00June 29th, 2010|

From Bozeman, Montana There, in the recesses of your heart You know the truth. Stop and listen … How do they feel – These words you read and hear? Do they flow with rhythm clear? Or do they stop, As if blocked? The true test Better than the rest Lies [...]

Poem #343 – Ups and Downs

2010-06-28T15:33:16-04:00June 28th, 2010|

Take stock of your life. Are you happy so far? Do things like sadness and jealousy Your happiness mar? The ups and the downs – Those most human emotions Are all part of your nature Just as waves are to the oceans. Do not try to delete Negativity from life [...]

Poem 342 – Real Life Fairy Tales

2010-06-27T15:33:58-04:00June 27th, 2010|

Fairy tales describe a world Where all that exists does glisten … Where dew drops have a voice and sing If you would only listen. But here’s a little secret: You need not read a child’s story To hear the voices as they sing Of God and nature’s glory. Rise [...]

Poem #341 – Those Little Annoyances

2010-06-26T15:35:22-04:00June 26th, 2010|

Disturbances … Things which take you from your goal. These small and big annoyances, They play a valued role. For how you handle what impedes Those things for which you’re yearning As you continue on your path Is all part of what you’re learning. Do you grumble and get short [...]

Poem #340 – In All Things

2010-06-25T15:35:59-04:00June 25th, 2010|

Animals and flowers, Birds, and plants, and trees … All that you can name like this -- You can see God in these. Stop and take a moment. Pause long enough to sit. Then focus on an object And say, “God is in it.” “God is that, and God is [...]

Poem #339 – Your Personal Temple

2010-06-24T15:36:42-04:00June 24th, 2010|

The body has its needs. To these you must attend. When tired you must rest it. When injured, it must mend. Do not neglect this temple. It serves a vital role. While there upon the earth you walk, It provides housing for the soul. Some give it far too little [...]

Poem #338 – Right There Within You

2010-06-23T15:37:20-04:00June 23rd, 2010|

From Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming Wherever you wander You are never alone For right there within you Is a strength you can hone. It’s the power of love The theme of many a song But there’s a reason for this For it’s a power quite strong. So many spend [...]

Poem #337 – Your World of Duality

2010-06-22T15:38:03-04:00June 22nd, 2010|

From Jackson Hole, Wyoming Peace will come When all think as one. But in a world of black and white Who’s to say who’s wrong or right? Yours is a world of duality, Which you think is your reality. When, in fact, it’s all illusion Leading you to spiritual confusion. [...]

Poem #336 – Many Paths

2010-06-21T15:38:45-04:00June 21st, 2010|

From southwestern Wyoming (no towns in sight) So many different paths Along the road to understanding. Which one is the right one? Why, the one on which you’re standing. No matter which you choose, All lead to the same place. If indeed your searching takes you To that special inner [...]

Poem #335 – Mind and Body

2010-06-20T15:39:20-04:00June 20th, 2010|

From Ogden, Utah Body and mind Are inextricably linked. The body reflects How your mind it does think. But this goes both ways For when the body’s not well, Then thinking is muddled. Good from bad’s hard to tell. Be on guard not to fall In this treacherous trap. Where [...]

Poem #334 – On Being Open

2010-06-19T15:40:02-04:00June 19th, 2010|

From Provo, Utah Curtains drawn across a window So none can see inside Heavy and impenetrable What secrets do they hide? All humans have these curtains. They draw them ‘cross the soul. As if to give the world a glimpse Would take a mighty toll. But there is something few [...]

Poem #333 – You Are Loved

2010-06-18T15:40:37-04:00June 18th, 2010|

From Provo, Utah You are loved Know this now Search not in others For them to endow That which you seek Here and there you do peek Lifting a cover … Where is my lover? The lover you yearn for You need only discern for It’s there right inside In [...]

Poem #332 – Step Outside

2010-06-17T15:41:46-04:00June 17th, 2010|

From Bryce Canyon, Utah Step outside your body. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. We’re going on a little trip Across that worldly line. We’re going with the spirit To another way of being. Where you have no eyes nor hands Yet in another way you’re seeing. This is how real [...]

Poem #331 – Let it Flow

2010-06-16T15:42:22-04:00June 16th, 2010|

From Bryce Canyon, Utah See not the world as separate Hold yourself not so apart. But see yourself like water Flowing from the source – your heart. Allow this vital liquid To flow where there is need, Blending with all that exists And there implanting love’s pure seed. From you [...]

Poem #330 – Never Stop Trying

2010-06-15T15:42:56-04:00June 15th, 2010|

From Zion National Park Second chances When at first things go awry You’re given yet another choice – Once again you get to try. All of life is like this. Opportunities abound. Another chance to try again, A second go-around. So don’t dismay when things go wrong. All life is [...]

Poem #329 – A Recipe for Peace of Mind

2010-06-14T15:43:32-04:00June 14th, 2010|

From Zion National Park, Utah Understanding and forgiveness – Two good traits to have. When used they bring relief Like a calming, soothing salve. Carry not the burden Of hate and discontent. These attributes will sap the soul When there your energy is spent. Realize that all your feelings Do [...]

Poem #328 – You Reap What You Sow

2010-06-13T15:44:10-04:00June 13th, 2010|

If you want to receive Then you first should give. A very good rule By which to live. So many are thinking “Why don’t I feel love?” As if it should flow freely To you from above. But while it is true That love’s always there It flows much more [...]

Poem #327 – Held Captive

2010-06-12T15:44:43-04:00June 12th, 2010|

Sickness of the heart – That which pills can’t cure. It comes from misunderstanding. But misunderstand no more. The killing has to stop. The taking of a life is wrong. But so many minds are poisoned When they see killing all day long. It’s there in your entertainment. To which [...]

Poem #326 – Always There

2010-06-11T15:45:19-04:00June 11th, 2010|

From Virginia Beach, VA Riding a wave of pleasure The senses heightened … As if suddenly in the darkness The room was brightened. What just happened? Why this jolt? Why are you awakened As if by a lightning bolt? Just a reminder And not so subtle, in fact – That [...]

Poem #325 – Perfect in Design

2010-06-10T15:49:27-04:00June 10th, 2010|

From Las Vegas, Nevada As above, so below. The world is one big mirror. Look for the sameness in all things And things will get much clearer. In shapes you see the patterns. Lines and circles are repeated. Symbols of eternity Where nothing is deleted. In your very body You [...]

Poem #324 – Transcending

2010-06-09T15:50:09-04:00June 9th, 2010|

Sit down and do not move. Now quiet your brain. Release all negativity And all such thoughts which do remain. And when you’ve thus prepared, Place your focus on your heart. It’s there you will experience The fullness of which you’re part. So wrapped up you do become In your [...]

Poem #323 – Patience

2010-06-08T15:50:46-04:00June 8th, 2010|

Patience is a virtue - Knowing everything can wait. When there is only here and now Then nothing can be late. You say to others, “Do it now.” But this is by your rules. You’d find you could be more relaxed If you practiced other tools. Dictate not how things [...]

Poem #321 -The World Beyond

2010-06-06T15:53:35-04:00June 6th, 2010|

We will take you on a journey Now that you have asked. Back to a place and time Where once in bliss you basked. A place without the troubles Or the cares that you have here. Where all was bright and shining And all understanding seemed quite clear. Not a [...]

Poem #322 – Slow and Steady

2010-06-06T15:53:01-04:00June 6th, 2010|

In a comment to poem #322, Bill asked, how do we reach enlightenment and achieve the things stated in poems 322 and 321. I realized I could ask the poets, but they would most likely ask me how many ways they need to answer that question. I don’t know that [...]

Poem #322 – Slow and Steady

2010-06-06T15:52:24-04:00June 6th, 2010|

So many hurting souls… Such pain they carry in their heart. Seeking, always searching To feel not so much apart. They think the grand solution Will descend in one big burst. And so they go on seeking As if they suffer from great thirst. But oft there’s no one moment [...]

Poem #320 – Beyond the Physical

2010-06-05T15:54:10-04:00June 5th, 2010|

Awesome experience today. I was sitting outside to meditate with the rising sun behind me. It became so hot that it was burning my back (I had a protective shirt on). I had the fleeting thought to get up and move, when I was pushed back in my chair, my [...]

Poem #319 – The Puzzle of Life

2010-06-04T15:54:40-04:00June 4th, 2010|

Sifting through the rubble The damage has been done. Recovery begins at once When you realize all is one. You life sometimes seems shattered – Separate pieces spread around. Fragments of what used to be … Your balance can’t be found. This is the ego acting. It wants you not [...]

Poem #318 – Time

2010-06-03T15:55:48-04:00June 3rd, 2010|

Forever seems a long, long time When using measurements of man. But when there’s no beginning or end Then understand eternity you can. In a world where time exists, You measure time as fast or slow. But this just shows how false time is For where does time truly go? [...]

Poem #318 – Time

2010-06-03T15:55:16-04:00June 3rd, 2010|

Forever seems a long, long time When using measurements of man. But when there’s no beginning or end Then understand eternity you can. In a world where time exists, You measure time as fast or slow. But this just shows how false time is For where does time truly go? [...]

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