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2017-07-31T07:56:51-04:00July 31st, 2017|

You are enough.  That is all.  You need no window dressing, no improvements.  Stop comparing yourself to others, please, and feel your heart.  “Not good enough,” you say?  Look again.  Do not look into the past.  In this moment now, right now, feel the love that you are.  Sit with [...]

July 30, 2017

2022-09-15T14:37:16-04:00July 30th, 2017|

Unity Spiritual Center, Fruitland Park, FL - Rituals, Intention, Fields/Connections, Grid, Heaven, Healing, Dealing with lower energies, Rose image, Going to the Light. Click Here for Transcript Click Here for Audio

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2017-07-30T09:03:34-04:00July 30th, 2017|

Give yourself a break.  Is there a habit you are in that truly makes no sense?  A demand you are making upon yourself?  Will it harm another if you really do not do it every day, every time, every whatever?  Will it harm yourself?  Does doing it feed some self-imposed [...]

Not Mine

2017-07-28T10:45:12-04:00July 28th, 2017|

We caution you to not take ownership of illnesses.  Your language does you a disservice.  You speak of “my” this and that, and in doing so you give it power and allow it to strengthen.  What if you see it as a temporary visitor in the house?  The body is [...]

Checking In

2017-07-26T11:31:49-04:00July 26th, 2017|

Trust the process. When you want to jump in and interfere with something that is not going as you had envisioned or as you desire, stop. How do you feel? Anxious? Why? It is difficult to hear the still, small voice within when anxious. Have you listened for that voice? [...]


2017-07-24T10:22:30-04:00July 24th, 2017|

Have you ever thought of leaving Earth early to go home?  It is akin to dropping out of school.  You know the consequences of that.  Why did you go to school in the first place?  You had so many dreams.  Things may not be working out as you had hoped.  [...]

Trust and Ask

2017-07-23T09:42:47-04:00July 23rd, 2017|

Ask for teaching and you will get it.  Whatever you desire, asking is the way to put your intention into action.  Who are you asking?  Your guides and angels.  You do not believe they exist?  Ask anyway.  That leap of faith is all that is needed to open the door, [...]


2017-07-22T09:28:05-04:00July 22nd, 2017|

Listen to yourself.  Do you like the words and the tone of the voice you hear?  “But that is how others speak to me,” you protest.  Ah, yes.  That explains everything.  And that is what perpetuates it.  Mass and group consciousness are powerful things.  It only takes one person to [...]


2017-07-20T11:19:55-04:00July 20th, 2017|

Everyone is wounded.  You have the term “the walking wounded,” and this would be quite accurate.  From the moment someone put a name on you and indicated you were separate from that baby over there who had also just left the womb, you knew the pain of separation.  And then [...]

Letting Go

2017-07-19T10:56:08-04:00July 19th, 2017|

Disappointment comes from having a story and believing it so strongly that you already know how it is going to go.  And then, when it does not go that way, you get knocked off balance.  You kick and scream, so to speak.  What you are doing is arguing with what [...]

Standing Tall

2017-07-18T10:52:40-04:00July 18th, 2017|

Do not run away from those who do not resonate with you.  If you do, where is the growth?  Can you stand tall in your awareness of being the light?  Can you do so not with righteousness, but with peace and understanding?  The test is yours, and it is ongoing [...]

No Excuses

2022-05-17T18:05:14-04:00July 17th, 2017|

No excuses.  Have you tried living this way, giving no justifications when others accuse you of wrongdoing, not defending yourself when others point out what you have done wrong or what is deficient?  Why do you defend yourself?  It is the human desire to be seen as right, to [...]


2017-07-16T10:47:10-04:00July 16th, 2017|

They don’t act as you would like?  Love them anyway.  They don’t say what you want?  Love them anyway.  Need we go on?  No, of course we are not condoning unloving behavior and words.  We are suggesting you look beyond the words and actions to the part you fell in [...]

Being You

2017-07-15T10:45:22-04:00July 15th, 2017|

Why do you try to fit yourself into a mold?   There is no one else like you in human form.  As spirit, you are all the same:  love … the light.  But you are here for spirit to play and dance and experience.  Why would you want to be uniform?  [...]

In All Fairness

2017-07-14T10:52:51-04:00July 14th, 2017|

What goes up does come down … hills, moods, all manner of things, and it is not simply gravity at work.  It is the Law of Balance.  Were it not for this Law of Being, you would experience chaos in your world of duality.  Pleasure is balanced by pain so [...]

Up to You

2017-07-13T10:39:27-04:00July 13th, 2017|

Imagine a beam of light emanating from the heart region and radiating outward.  How bright is it?  Did you know that you control this?  It is the source of your connection with all that is.  Do you wish to feel more connected?  What are you waiting for?  Wait no longer!  [...]

What If

2017-07-11T10:17:53-04:00July 11th, 2017|

What if you knew you do not walk alone?  What if you knew that support is always at hand?  What if you knew you are loved exactly the way you are, no matter how you look or what very human things you have ever done and continue to do?  What [...]


2017-07-10T10:05:29-04:00July 10th, 2017|

Your fears get the best of you.  There is great truth in this saying.  The best of you is the aspect with no fears, no worries, no hang-ups, no doubts, no self-criticism … you get the picture.  Do you remember that side of you?  Or has it become buried under [...]


2017-07-09T10:00:19-04:00July 9th, 2017|

Like an animal that adapts to its environment, do you change your colors?  All the time, and we are not speaking only of your dress, which is one of the greatest examples of this habit.  You change your thoughts, your actions, and your words to fit in.  It is called [...]


2017-07-08T10:16:58-04:00July 8th, 2017|

You are given exactly what you need in every moment; you simply may not recognize it. “But this is not to my liking,” you complain. “I hate this!” and that is precisely why you need it. Why the discomfort? Examine that. Go deeper to the thoughts and behaviors that support [...]


2017-07-07T10:06:22-04:00July 7th, 2017|

When connecting with loved ones who have passed, intention is far more important than you may think.  Do not think.  Be.  Be in a state of coherence, with heart and head matched in vibration, heart beating calmly, mind clear.  Intend to make the connection.  Do not wish haphazardly.  Are you [...]


2017-07-06T10:48:39-04:00July 6th, 2017|

Like cells in a body with their different functions, you are in a world where each human thinks and behaves a bit differently.  If you are constantly comparing yourself to others and you find something wrong with all not being the same, then you will suffer.  At the human level, [...]

Why Be Present

2017-07-05T11:21:57-04:00July 5th, 2017|

When you need to accomplish an important task, All you need to do is ask. Yes, we speak of this again; We say the same thing now and then. Note from Suzanne:  At this point, the next few lines from Sanaya did not rhyme, and I found myself trying to [...]


2017-07-04T10:34:59-04:00July 4th, 2017|

Just show up.  What more could be asked of you?  “Plenty,” you say in all of your humanness.  But you are both human and spirit.  As the latter, you have no role, no story, no shoulds or musts.  Just show up as the Light.  Just be. Just Love.  Just experience.  [...]


2017-07-03T11:12:56-04:00July 3rd, 2017|

Ask and you shall receive.  Life is an ongoing process of learning.  If you do not ask questions of Higher Consciousness, you stagnate.  There is always more growth to be had.  If you do not know what you need to learn and know next, then focusing inward or upward ask [...]

With Intention

2017-07-02T10:25:27-04:00July 2nd, 2017|

Intention is all-important.  It is the prime mover of energy.  Nothing gets done without will, but intention gives it that push to ensure that which you will is accomplished.  Of course, there are other factors at play.  What is your motive?  Is it to serve?  And will the greater good [...]

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