Everyone is wounded.  You have the term “the walking wounded,” and this would be quite accurate.  From the moment someone put a name on you and indicated you were separate from that baby over there who had also just left the womb, you knew the pain of separation.  And then you learned how humans act.  You learned from other wounded humans, hurt by those who had forgotten how sacred they are.

Wounds in the body can heal by themselves, but they do better when treated and not allowed to fester.  Are you willing to take a look at your wounds instead of allowing them to fester?  Then you will no longer lash out at others in pain.  And when wounded ones lash out at you, then you will have understanding and will respond with the balm of compassion instead of adding further insult.

You will walk amongst the wounded as long as you are in your earthly existence, but happily, there is an aspect of you that is not earthbound.  It is that aspect from which healing ensues.  Allow it to do its job by acknowledging your beautiful light and shining its healing rays on the shadows.