Disappointment comes from having a story and believing it so strongly that you already know how it is going to go.  And then, when it does not go that way, you get knocked off balance.  You kick and scream, so to speak.  What you are doing is arguing with what is.  What is right in front of you is reality.  Your kicking and screaming is what causes suffering.  Can you do anything to change the situation?  Then do so.  If not, then let go of the story that is causing the kicking and screaming and flow.

It is not necessary to know why something happened.  You have many, many others’ stories converging at once.  How can your story always follow the plot line?  When you realize they are all stories anyway, yet beneath them is the one thing that never changes—pure being—then the suffering has the potential to end and much growth ensues.  Only you can end your suffering by stepping outside or underneath the story and simply being … love, and peace, and joy, and flow.