Have you ever thought of leaving Earth early to go home?  It is akin to dropping out of school.  You know the consequences of that.  Why did you go to school in the first place?  You had so many dreams.  Things may not be working out as you had hoped.  Some thing or some chemical may have knocked you off balance.  Do not drop out of school.  Change majors.  Find new classmates, new teachers, new advisors, a new focus.  You are far more needed in this Earth School than you realize.  You came here for a reason.  Have you yet discovered it?  That is part of the adventure and the learning.  The most powerful learning tool are your thoughts.  If your thoughts are dragging you down and causing you to want to leave, then you are missing one of the greatest lessons.  Learn about the heart.  It is an entirely different curriculum than thinking.  It is the bridge to the soul.  The more you connect with classmates who are majoring in the heart, the more your thoughts will change.  Stay in school.  In so doing, you help not only yourself, but the whole student body.