When you need to accomplish an important task,
All you need to do is ask.
Yes, we speak of this again;
We say the same thing now and then.

Note from Suzanne:  At this point, the next few lines from Sanaya did not rhyme, and I found myself trying to make them rhyme.  I became aware that I no longer heard Sanaya’s voice.  I shifted my awareness and they picked up again …

When you try to do things your way, you have dropped the connection.  Your helpers are always there.  Perhaps you were on a roll, receiving guidance true, as their ideas came to you. “Aha!  A poem!” you did think, as words did flow.  And then the human mind took over, wanting things your way to go.  And when the words no longer rhymed, what happened?  You tried to force the continuation of a pattern.  That is how the human side works, basing things on history … patterns come and gone.  But each now moment is new, fresh, creative.  Be present for what arises here and now and you may be surprised at what results.