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2016-12-31T08:13:17-05:00December 31st, 2016|

From Suzanne. The quote below is my gift to you as we begin a new year in Earth time.  Happy new year, my friends. Place your awareness on Awareness.  That is how to know your true Self.  How many times do you simply know what to do, what is going [...]


2016-12-29T08:08:34-05:00December 29th, 2016|

When two deaths come in rapid succession, is it a coincidence?  What do you think?  Now, what do you FEEL?  Can you feel the hand of Spirit at work here?  You are aware now of two celebrities, mother and daughter, who have died by so-called natural causes.  Was the mother’s [...]

Making Sense

2016-12-28T07:41:13-05:00December 28th, 2016|

You read or hear about your senseless tragedies in your headlines, and they keep you up at night.  They make no sense to the human who thinks that death is the end and a terrible thing.  We are not saying those left behind do not grieve, but what happens as [...]

Well Rounded

2016-12-26T07:57:46-05:00December 26th, 2016|

It is okay to get angry.  Remember, you have chosen to play this role you are enacting as a human.  Have you heard of one-sided characters?  Is that who you have become, or are you a fully fleshed out actor who can portray all emotions with balance and dexterity?  Play [...]

Merry CHRISTmas

2016-12-25T07:49:31-05:00December 25th, 2016|

Celebrate love today.  Celebrate birth, and yes, even celebrate what you call death, for there is resurrection for all.  Life is eternal.  Celebrate.  Ring your bells, open your gifts, and the greatest of these is Love.  This is the gift in giving and receiving:  coming to know through relationships the [...]

Being Present

2016-12-24T08:42:19-05:00December 24th, 2016|

Do you sit around and worry about the future?  Can you control it?  You can do little to control the world and those around you, if you are honest with yourself. It is challenge enough to control your thoughts and thus the feelings which ensue.  You cannot control what goes [...]


2016-12-23T07:47:58-05:00December 23rd, 2016|

Never stop asking for guidance, for answers, for assistance in awakening.  Growth is an ongoing process, and in asking for help from your unseen helpers, you display the critical factors in receiving that help:  belief that they are there, desire for assistance, and the intention to grow.  This is your [...]


2016-12-22T07:41:00-05:00December 22nd, 2016|

There is a memory in your life that keeps you trapped.  It plays over and over like a movie to the point where it is no longer helpful.  You know all of the players quite well.  How to stop the movie?  First you must realize that the characters, including yourself, [...]


2016-12-21T07:52:28-05:00December 21st, 2016|

Note from Suzanne:  Here's a link to a video of last night's webinar with Sanaya: Does it matter what others think?  Yes, very much if it causes you to change your own thoughts and actions unnecessarily.  What others think is none of your business.  Listen to your heart—the still, [...]

The Calling

2016-12-20T08:05:41-05:00December 20th, 2016|

Note from Suzanne: Tonight's the night!  You've read Sanaya's messages and perhaps heard the audio.  See them as they speak through me during our online live event at 8 PM Eastern (Dec. 20th) with the best sound quality ever.  For the link, register here: You find yourself in a [...]

Shine On!

2016-12-19T08:17:26-05:00December 19th, 2016|

Billions of stars light up your sky, and yet you feel alone.  Lie on your back on some clear night, why don’t you, and ponder those stars.  Who created them?  What Source?  Are they not magnificent?  And Who created you?  And are you not magnificent?  As you gaze upon the [...]

Stepping Up

2016-12-18T08:21:38-05:00December 18th, 2016|

Step up to the plate—a term that comes from your baseball games, but at times it feels far more serious than a baseball game to step up and do a thing that would bring fear to others. How to do so without fear? Remind yourself that this human life is [...]


2016-12-17T08:11:13-05:00December 17th, 2016|

What do you do when someone throws what you consider undeserved barbs at you, says what you perceive as unfairly hurtful things, and you feel the pain?  What you do is you feel that pain and you repeat silently and continuously, “I am so loved I am so loved I [...]


2016-12-16T08:07:29-05:00December 16th, 2016|

“How could that have been happening and I had no idea?  How could that one who I thought I knew be doing those things and I was completely unaware?”  Were you?  Did you truly have no idea?  The soul knows, and all souls are connected, therefore the information is available [...]

The Real Reason

2016-12-15T07:13:32-05:00December 15th, 2016|

Look at your fellow humans as they rush about preparing for the holidays.  Yes, some are cheerful, but some are more harried than ever due to the crowds, the traffic, and all of the extra obligations that go with the season.  What is the reason for the season?  To celebrate [...]


2016-12-14T08:18:18-05:00December 14th, 2016|

You are a flawed human.  Can you live with that, or do those words compel you to do and be better?  Why would you want to do better?  How would you be better?  Do you realize that good and flawed are human judgments, part of the dual nature of the [...]


2016-12-13T06:39:58-05:00December 13th, 2016|

You canonize one who has performed miracles and you make them a saint.  They are revered for they have shown you what is possible, and you hold them on a pedestal.  There is nothing wrong with this, but it keeps you from realizing that all of you are special and [...]


2016-12-12T07:40:56-05:00December 12th, 2016|

You would find it quite amusing how your roles and the “shoulds” associated with them take you farther and farther from your center.  But to find it amusing, you must detach from the role(s), else you are incapable of laughing at yourself.  Be aware of defensiveness.  What role are you [...]

In Awareness

2016-12-11T08:05:12-05:00December 11th, 2016|

Where there is fear, there is lack of awareness of who you really are.  You may know you are an eternal soul.  You may know that love is your essence and that the light within (that is the real you) never goes out.  But whilst a student in earth school, [...]

Choices and Changes

2016-12-10T08:09:10-05:00December 10th, 2016|

You have your favorite television show.  You watch it regularly, for you want to know what happens to the characters.  Watch carefully.  There is great predictability is there not?  One will always be the hero(ine) and others the villains.  The characters may step out of their assigned roles on occasion [...]


2016-12-09T06:50:13-05:00December 9th, 2016|

You cannot eat what you consider “junk” food and not feel poorly.  Consider carefully what you put into your body.  It is fuel for the mind and emotions as well as the engine.  Do you feel irritable and out of sorts after ingesting a lot of sugar?  Then modify your [...]

What’s Your Motive?

2016-12-08T15:57:20-05:00December 8th, 2016|

May this quote by Viktor Frankl inspire you when your human fears threaten to hold you back from being the best you can: "Don't aim at success.  The more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it.  It cannot be pursued. [...]


2016-12-08T06:35:34-05:00December 8th, 2016|

Why is there so much suffering?  For so many do not realize this physical world is not your only home.  You are souls—all of you, yet you forget by design.  Some have remembered, and they are the teachers.  Do students always listen?  When they are ready.  Until then, it is [...]


2016-12-07T06:35:40-05:00December 7th, 2016|

Do not force a thing when nothing moves or happens.  It may even get stuck more.  Go at it gently, gently.  What happens with force?  There is frustration.  Yes, of course, with some things in the physical world, force has the intended result, but what are you trying to achieve [...]


2016-12-06T06:41:44-05:00December 6th, 2016|

Once you get to know the deeper aspects of the self and your friends across the veil, you will never want to forget them.  They are steady, loyal companions who will never let you down.  There is a fullness to their presence … a completeness … for they are all [...]


2016-12-05T07:01:42-05:00December 5th, 2016|

Imagine spending a day without speaking whilst in the presence of others—all of you communicating wordlessly.  No, you cannot use your hands, either … only the eyes.  Do you think you could communicate?  Far better than you might imagine.  You have so many ways of communicating now.  You deride your [...]

No Big Deal

2016-12-04T07:51:35-05:00December 4th, 2016|

“It’s such a big deal,” you say as you anticipate a thing happening or something you will be involved in, but to the soul it is neutral.  Why do we say neutral?  For it is the human who gives meaning and feeling to things, claiming they are of big or [...]


2016-12-03T05:38:54-05:00December 3rd, 2016|

Do not assume that everyone thinks as you do.  Humans are different for a reason.  Interacting with others provides your greatest opportunities for soul growth.  If you lived in a cave, yes you would learn, for the sensory deprivation and silence would provide you ample opportunity to go within and [...]

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