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2022-02-27T08:33:31-05:00February 27th, 2022|

Inhibitions … those thoughts and mental seatbelts that keep you from saying or doing something that your culture has shown you is inappropriate.  When “uninhibited” there is a greater sense of connection with those around you, and where there is this connection, you understand it as love. Ask yourself why [...]


2022-02-26T07:56:09-05:00February 26th, 2022|

The signs from your guides are right before your eyes.  You are led to what you have dreamed of, asked for, requested, created, for they were co-created with these higher helpers.  They do not always speak to you in words.  They guide you, should it serve the highest good, inexorably [...]

The One Body

2022-02-25T07:46:14-05:00February 25th, 2022|

Cancer is when two cells in the same body war against each other.  Need we say more?  This can only happen when there is imbalance.  Does it make sense for some cells to grow out of control and others to do what they came to do at just the right [...]


2022-02-24T08:27:18-05:00February 24th, 2022|

You know when an action is what you call “wrong”.  Yes, right and wrong is a human judgment, so you could say, instead, “Out of alignment with LIFE.”  How do you know when this is so?  In the same way that you know when music is not harmonious, when two [...]


2022-02-22T07:33:04-05:00February 22nd, 2022|

Balance is the key.  What goes up does come down. When you are out of balance, you know it.  How to find this oft-elusive state of equilibrium?  Set the intention to be more aware of your state at any moment.  Too high?  Too low?  Harness the thoughts and move more [...]


2022-02-21T08:18:44-05:00February 21st, 2022|

Blessed are the meek.  This is not a sign of weakness.  Aggression as well as defensiveness come from separation.  You have choices in every moment:  to see yourself as only human or part of a collective Mind, Mind, Mind.  All there is are experiences arising in this Mind, no matter [...]


2022-02-20T08:14:42-05:00February 20th, 2022|

Life has a rhythm to it, an order.  It may seem chaotic at times, but eventually, it plays out in a way that you can see the cycles, the beats, the order.  If there were no Intelligence beneath all that you experience, you might have reason to fear, but there [...]

Shout Outs

2022-02-19T07:52:29-05:00February 19th, 2022|

Not everything is a sign from your loved ones.  In your desire to know they are around, the temptation to assign meaning to that which has no significance in the moment can occur.  Does this mean you are not connected?  Not at all.  If the event caused you to think [...]

In Use

2022-02-17T08:02:45-05:00February 17th, 2022|

Muscles are designed to be used.  When you use them regularly and work them a bit, they become firm and even stronger.  The same is true with any skill.  If it falls into disuse through lack of attention, why, of course you will have to exercise it to regain your [...]


2022-02-16T08:18:10-05:00February 16th, 2022|

You are creative machines, if we may use the word in the sense of something that produces one thing after another.  You need not always take action with the hands, for your very thoughts are creative.  Do you not realize this?  If you look upon another and see something less [...]


2022-02-15T06:04:01-05:00February 15th, 2022|

You never know where life will take you.  You have a slight idea.  You hold a map in your hand and make a plan, but detours come.  New turns appear and you face choices.  You meet others along the way and they invite you, “Come along!”  So many ways your [...]

February 13, 2022

2022-09-28T18:51:22-04:00February 13th, 2022|

Sanaya shared much wisdom regarding the greatest use of our free will: choosing our point of view from one moment to another. They discussed shifting to the point of view of the soul to see the big picture and to remember that there is something so much greater than [...]


2022-02-13T08:21:08-05:00February 13th, 2022|

Nowhere are you more stuck in method acting, where you identify with the role and forget you are the actor-soul, than with your family of the childhood.  The friends with whom you surround yourself as you awaken from the slumber of play-acting allow you to roll around in the remembrance [...]


2022-02-12T08:22:50-05:00February 12th, 2022|

One you love is gone, or so you think.  You miss their presence.  You wander through rooms they used to inhabit.  Do you know they are still here?  With or without a body, they, like you, exist.  This is what you have forgotten—all of you who identify so strongly with [...]


2022-02-11T08:12:39-05:00February 11th, 2022|

Mothers.  Whether or not you got along well with yours, there is a bond that cannot be denied.  You shared a body for a while.  Her food was your food.  Perhaps this gives you an idea of the concept of oneness.  You as humans share the body of one Source.  [...]


2022-02-10T08:13:51-05:00February 10th, 2022|

Oh, that little voice inside.  You have learned from experience that when you listen to it and act upon its beneficial guidance, life flows more smoothly.  And what does this tell you?  First, it has always been with you.  Second, you can rely upon it.  Third, it is far more [...]


2022-02-09T07:44:58-05:00February 9th, 2022|

To walk a mile in another’s shoes is a most excellent practice for gaining understanding.  It is hard to imagine what another is going through unless you have shared the experience.  You have your regrets for things you have done.  Do not expend too much energy on regrets.  Such experiences [...]

Give and Take

2022-02-07T07:49:12-05:00February 7th, 2022|

“I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine.”  There is a give-and-take in relationships that helps to maintain balance.  A back-scratch is most pleasant.  It is easy to give.  It is equally pleasant to receive.  Not all of life is so easy, but it is painfully apparent when there is an [...]


2022-02-06T08:23:11-05:00February 6th, 2022|

You crave love, yet you push it away.  What is going on here?  The soul says, “Here we are.  Let us feel the connection we know as love.  It is so delicious.”  The human says, “I could get hurt.  I have been burned before.  I am not worthy.”  Can you [...]

The Path

2022-02-05T06:47:41-05:00February 5th, 2022|

What do you do when you have a certain understanding of what you know as Truth and others do not?  What do you do when others are operating under a belief system gained from what others have told them instead of the personal experience of touching the very hem of [...]

Spreading Love

2022-02-04T08:02:04-05:00February 4th, 2022|

When you live with someone or spend a lot of time in another’s presence, you are likely to pick up their energy as likely as you are to pick up a cold.  Yes, thoughts and emotions are contagious.  When one around you is grumpy, it is easy for you to [...]

The Smorgasbord

2022-02-03T06:43:59-05:00February 3rd, 2022|

Why are you not aware of your unseen helpers most of the time?  For you are having the human experience, and this is where your focus is.  Imagine Life as a buffet.  You normally do not pile your plate with appetizers, main course, and dessert all at once.  You focus [...]

Still Here

2022-02-01T08:28:00-05:00February 1st, 2022|

“When will I be with my dearly departed again?” you wish to know.  You are still here, for you have more love to experience while in this body.  You may feel you serve no more purpose, that your purpose was wrapped up with the one who has passed.  May your [...]

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