sand castlesWhat is a dwelling?  A building, a home, an abode where you stay for a while.  It is a firm structure that houses you.  What does one do in a dwelling?  One dwells there.  Now, what happens when you have a painful experience or one that puffs you up?  Pain or pleasure, it matters not.  If it is of the human side and not the soul, ego will replay the thoughts and images associated with that pain or pleasure over and over in your mind.  In other words, you will dwell upon it. 

By remaining focused on a human event or action, you take consciousness—a formless no-thing—and turn it into a very real thing in your mind.  Through your dwelling upon it, you have created a dwelling for ego to return to again and again. 

The advice, “Don’t dwell on it” is wise to heed.  Be aware of the many dwellings for ego that you have created in your mind.  None of them are real, but by constantly returning to them you give them power.  A famous man once said, “Tear down this wall.”  Pay attention to your thoughts.  Removing the dwellings in your mind is as easy as noticing how you constructed them in the first place.